Lab Cave - ASO & Ad Mediation for Apps And Games

First of all, never underestimate the potential of App Store Optimization

We cannot start to talk about common mistakes that prevent your App’s success, if you are not 100% aware of what App Store Optimization (ASO) is! ASO is a strategy to improve the visibility of your App in an organic way. It’s important to know what the benefits of this strategy are, so that you can take full advantage of all the possibilities:

Do you want to reach high-quality traffic, optimize the App profile visit-to-installs conversion or even lead to a better (and cheaper) User Acquisition?

There are a lot of Apps that reached these goals and increased their organic installs with ASO strategies! Keywords, App title, localization, category, A/B tests, updates and backlinks are some of the “fronts” to work with ASO and you must be aware that sometimes each store (Google Play and Apple Store) have their own rules for these items. Another important thing that a considerable number of developers/marketers don’t know: ASO is not something you do once and forget about it after, otherwise you will lose endless opportunities to keep improving your visibility (like using holidays and festivities). When the ASO work is done correctly, the results could be fantastic in the short and long run. Only a few companies truly know how to use ASO to their advantage and this is a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition. Hurry up!

Talking about User Acquisition…

ASO strategies involve a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) process. As the name suggest, a CRO process helps to increase the Conversion Rate (CR%); a common factor that most traffic sources’ algorithms weight for relevance and delivery. It means that you can achieve cheaper bids for your User Acquisition (UA) campaigns if you combine ASO and UA strategies at the same time! A frequent mistake here is not to think of a mix between ASO and UA in your App growth plan, as both things complement each other pretty nicely – UA will lead your App to the most efficient-quick way to potentiate a release in a short-term and ASO will keep these campaigns easier while take care of the long-term aspect of your results.

Not going globally for real

If you think that launching an App globally is something effortless, we’ve just found the third mistake that you should avoid. Releasing an App in different countries is not just about translating the in-game/app content into another language – it goes far beyond! The app’s metadata like title, subtitle, keyword field, promotional text, description, etc., should be translated to top languages (such as English, Chinese or Russian), but here is the pitfall: maybe “war” has significant traffic in USA, but the equivalent word in Russia might not. Again, ASO strategies always have a smart perspective above the best way to translate key-factors that affect the positioning of your App, pondering the characteristics of each country and choosing the best alternatives to drive more conversion. Go beyond translation, adapt.

Extra Tip: Long-tail keywords traffic

It is expected that the usage of voice assistants in smart homes grow 1000% until 2023, according to Juniper. What does this have to do with Apps? Everything. People are starting to use voice assistants as a way to research and they are using long-tail keywords to do that. So, it would be wise to use long-tail keywords in you App strategy, if you do not want to lose this huge trend and considerable moment to increase your traffic. Even though long-tail keywords bring less traffic than single keywords, they get a better conversion since users give the exact details of what they are looking for.

Make yourself efficient, not only productive

Have you noticed how extremely easy is to spend an entire morning working and still have the feeling that you didn’t even complete half of your daily tasks? The bureaucratic process and not-clear goals could steal your time and certainly will make you miss opportunities. It sounds cliché, but once you let the right time to take action escape, there is no turning back and this is the reason why so many developers/marketers cannot increase their results. Take full advantage of windows of opportunity and keep in mind that there is no success formula. These small things could put you at the top of your market and we hope that you could do it faster!