Building an app from the scratch is not the end but just the beginning of an enterprise. Every app needs to be tested before it is launched. Testing an app before launching it ensures that the app functions exactly as planned. It also helps the app gain some validation from the target users before it is launched. Successful beta testing of app also opens a business to use cases that haven’t been thought before. The results from Beta testing not only help you improve the app user experience but also help you position the app in market in better ways.

Every successful mobile marketing and users acquisition strategy begins with a great product at heart of it & the only way to ensure that your product is actually great is Beta Testing. It is crucial that we find the right set of target audience to be Beta testers for our app. These can be users who can benefit from the conveniences that your app offers. The role of beta testers is to pinpoint the bugs in the app, give feedback about what hits home in an app and what doesn’t. Our experienced team at Promatics is keen to help fellow developers and businesses in sourcing Beta testers. Here are all the ways by which you can source Beta Users for your app.

Mailing Lists

Ideal case scenarios define that a business must have a mailing list in place, even before the app hits the production stage. A newbie business can benefit immensely from having a mailing list. Engage the people on your mailing list with meaningful content, tips and guides every now and then, even before your app is ready for the testing. Push content their way that adds value and can be of value proposition to you app business. 

Analytics will help you figure out the people who are most engaged with your emailers. Identify these people and offer them beta access to your app, once it is ready. Making this target bunch of users beta testers and involving them in the process at such an early stage, opens up more avenues for an honest feedback. 

Burst Campaigns

Burst campaigns indulge in aggressive publicity through sponsored media over a very short span of time. While burst campaigns work excellently when it comes to marketing an app, it can also help you gain beta testers. Burst campaigns can eventually attract organic users thanks to higher visibility in the category and overall charts. 

Personal Interactions

Your target audience varies with the type of use cases you have for your app. It is important to figure out who this target audience is. This target audience is the best suitable Beta tester for your app.   You can walk in the areas where the type of crowd you are looking for frequents and then personally talk them into testing out your app. You can always reach out to your family and friends to help with beta testing too. 

When the beta testing is done, make sure you reach out and personally thank each person for their contribution and assistance through the process. Always ask for recommendations of users who might be willing to test the app further. 

Beta Testing Websites

Over the past years, several websites have popped up to help developers with beta testing for their app. Each website is a hub of beta testers has its individual pricing, terms, conditions and features. For example, websites like UserTesting and BetaList  provide you access to the initial set of users for feedback easily.

Reddit & Social Media

Reddit is a popular choice among developers to find Beta testers. You can find numerous subreddits with people willing and ready to test out apps of all different kinds, shapes and sizes. Comment on insightful content on reddit and make sure you add value to the discussion. You can additionally drop the link to your pre-launch page or beta sign-up page. Do this consistently and you will have many users willing to test the app by the time it is ready.

A smart developer always leverages resources like social media to find suitable beta testers. Different websites and social engines like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and IG offer access to people of all backgrounds and interests. You can easily find the right type of people for your beta tests through these social media channels. Finding testers on social media can be much more affordable than traditional methods.

Leverage Facebook Groups, Google Adwords and Quora

Facebook groups have gained massive popularity in recent times, so much so that there is one for almost every interest area and geography one can think of. A business that becomes a part of these groups and actively participates in conversations with insightful contributions engages the audience positively. Find the group that has your target audience as members. Help everyone in the group with valuable content. After the mobile app is ready, you can approach the group members and ask for feedback.

Make sure you have a clear landing page elaborating the problem you are there to solve and the easily accessible solution to offer your engaged audience. You can purchase Google Adwords traffic and direct them to your app giving them early access. 

Use quora searches to find people facing problems to which your app is likely to provide solutions. Give thoughtful answers to problems and offer the beta access!

Engaging Content

A cost effective strategy to find some beat users is to configure who is your biggest competitor in the business and then building content around what alternatives are available in the market for that product. Also, enlist the benefits of choosing the alternative you are offering. A few back links can push this content to the top of searches and you can have people sign up as beta testers to this alternative.

Best Practices While Sourcing Beta Users

  • Provide Value to Early Adopters
  • Create Value for Community
  • Choose Open Beta Apps over Closed Ones
  • Source Through Multiple Channels
  • Avoid Selection Bias
  • Choose a Suitable Beta Management Platform

We hope that these tips help you find the right set of beta users earlier on in the development process. Beta users will not only help you refine your features, but also help you with your sales pitch. Every business has different target audience that it needs to engage and not all of these channels are suitable for all kinds of app businesses. An experienced mobile app development agency like Promatics Technologies put in a lot of thought behind the nature of app and triggers the right combination of channels to gain access to suitable beta users of your app.