Do you remember the popular AI-based photo editing app FaceApp? Released two years ago, it is a face morphing app specifically developed for iOS which used neural networks to add a smile or remove/add a few years to your photo.

Recently, the app went viral as they added new filters, which allowed you to edit your selfies to your older or younger self.

This is not the only AI-based photo or video application that is available in the market. In fact, there are several photo and video startups that have established their premise using Artificial Intelligence. The question is how useful AI is, the applications for AI in the photo and video startups, and what key features you should establish in the AI-based apps.

Let’s get started.

AI & Smartphone Cameras

Several years back it was said that the future of smartphones is AI. That is not so far from the truth. In fact, the future of smartphone cameras is also AI.

  • When you tune your camera to use AI and then start clicking pictures, you will soon observe that the camera now shows the best possible scenes for the shot. In short, you don’t have to work on lighting conditions or tuning the camera to shoot the scene, the AI within the camera app that you are using will change its settings to meet the lighting conditions, and give you the best shot
  • Editing your photo was a major thing in the past. You would spend hours finding the right filter or even hues to give your photo a fresh look. With AI-based apps, you can enable the neural processing networks to give your photo a fresh and new look. You can make your photo look like a painting or, add a few delightful aspects to your faces such as a smile or frown, and make it look interesting. In fact, you can even crop out a few friends, and make your photo ready for Instagram.
  • With AI, video creation is made simple. A single video would take ages to create and edit, in the past. Even then, you would not be able to create a fine video, one that you can take home. However, video creations have changed in the past. With AI in your app, you can create videos without the use of high-quality equipment or tools.

What has made these AI photo and video startups a success?

  • One of the major reasons people prefer using these apps is the user interface and the simplicity they provide
  • Secondly, these new-age photo apps using AI have transformed the user experience of capturing moments. It is no longer just a moment but an experience of editing, having fun and sharing it with the people around you
  • Third, the AI-based photo and video apps allow users to create content and share it across social channels. It makes the end-users empowered, which is why they are successful.

How AI-based photo & Video apps Work?

A lot of startups are focusing their efforts on accommodating the latest trend of AI into their apps to increase the user experience.

  • The first aspect of any AI photo or video app is the software, where the developer induces mental models from which the application learns. The application is fed with images that are similar to how it will appear in real life so that it can learn how to function when a new data is introduced. The neural network has to learn from this data to filter out people or condition the image to new filters.
  • Once the application has learnt using the in-built models and neural networks understand what they are supposed to do, then comes the most difficult aspect of AI applications- the application itself. They have to use what they have learnt to recreate your photos and videos. Based on the models and the learning they have received, the applications will convert the photos and videos. The algorithm can be strong and complex but, when you use the application it is pretty easy and user-friendly.

If you are planning on developing your own AI application for the smartphone camera, then here are a few features you simply cannot ignore.

4 Features for AI Photo/Video Apps

#1 Filters that Make Life Easy 

Whether you are developing an AI photo or video app, you need to include filters that will save the day. You ought to introduce filters that can uplift the lighting or filters that can make the app fun for you. FaceApp, as mentioned earlier, has used filters that can add a smile or any other emotion to a photo that you have already clicked. This kind of filter makes the experience interesting for the end-user.

When you think of a combination of AI and photo/video apps, make sure you have come up with some interesting filter ideas

#2 Creating Made Efficiently

When it comes to video apps, you should use the neural networks to help users create high-quality videos faster. The idea is to make video creation and editing easy. If you want to remove people from a photo or create a slideshow of the photo with music, then your app should make the work easy for them. The whole process, when made to look simple and easy, helps increase your downloads and even increases customer satisfaction.

#3 Enhancing the Photo 

There are filters and then there are the edits that induce sharpness to the photo. It is almost as if a professional has clicked the picture. You can easily enhance the sharpness of the photo or reduce some aspects to make it meet the standards set by your users. The idea is to introduce such a feature into your app to make photos look rich and enticing.

#4 Social Sharing

We all want to share the picture across the social media channels and show our photography skills. For this purpose, a lot of the AI apps have introduced sharing features which allows you to directly share the photo without clicking too many tabs. Add a caption, and upload it to your channel. It is as easy as that!

Summing up

AI video and photo apps are garnering to the new needs posed by the users. They are literally improving the photo skills of the users and making creating new videos or editing the existing photos easy.

As a new-to-the-market photo or video app startup, you ought to understand the gaps that exist and create photos and videos that match your target market’s requirement. It is important you create an app that is refreshing and meets the market’s needs. Moreover, make sure that you validate your photo and video app idea with any experienced photo editing app development company, which has already developed different forms of photo editing apps.