Top Influencer Marketing Agencies (2018)

Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: September 4, 2019

As a branch of the digital marketing field, Influencer marketing also consists of agencies (teams of marketers), influencer marketing platforms (web-based software) and combinations of these two. In this guide we’re focusing on agencies. Influencer marketing agencies allow brands to work with any influencer, no matter the reach, social media platform they are on, their size or affiliations. These agencies have a wealth of experience when it comes to vetting and selecting influencers and they often use data to see which influencers best fit with a specific brand. Essentially their job is to match brands advertising needs with influencers expertise in promotion via an agency marketing expert assessment and not a software algorithm match. Once this match is delivered, an influencer marketing agency goal is to make sure that a marketing campaign will go smoothly and efficiently and to provide a comprehensive report upon such campaign completion.

Influencer marketing itself is growing rapidly, with a predicted $5-$10 billion market by 2020. That is largely, but not exclusively, due to brands relying on the established trust between the influencer and their audience to sell their products. Individuals are no longer interested and are tacitly aware of the traditional forms of advertising – so, instead, influencer marketing provides a native approach that is more engaging when it is executed correctly.

Influencer marketing is far from easy, however, as multiple brands now compete with one another in the same space. Bespoke campaigns that are heavily monitored and adapted – while in the process – are often successful. That’s where influencer marketing agencies come into the picture: they specialize in a range of content platforms, delivering campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Influencer marketing agencies provide a variety of services and their basic functions are:

  • Identifying the influencers/content creators for a brand
  • Negotiating the rates with influencers on behalf of a brand
  • Offering a strategy for a brand’s campaign that will maximize engagement and audience reach
  • Approving influencers posts with brands before their publication
  • Running ad campaigns & capturing vital KPI in the process
  • Providing post campaign analytics for brands

Influencer marketing campaigns are typically run on a global basis, with agencies’ focus firmly on verticals such as fashion and beauty, travel and lifestyle, celebrity and entertainment, sports, gaming, health and fitness, parenting, and business and tech and more.

Below you can find some of the best Influencer Marketing Agencies.

Note, companies on the list we’ve compiled below are not in any priority order

Influencer Marketing Agencies List

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Viral Nation

Viral Nation will take care of a brand’s campaign using strategies that are specifically crafted to meet goals. Their ‘roster’ of talent covers more than 25 different countries and they use ROI-focused campaigns across the main social media platforms. The agency features analytics and works with brands of all sizes.

  • Tagline: We are the secret of influencer marketing
  • Locations: Global

Viral Nation website screenshot


CROWD is a global influencer marketing agency that partners with brands to create strategic, tailor fit campaigns with credible influencers to reach the brand’s goals. They help companies from different verticals embrace influencer marketing and amongst their clients you can find: Foreo, Bourjois, N26, Nescafé and Apple Music.

  • Tagline: A global, data-driven Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Locations: Global

CROWD website screenshot

Cure Media

Cure Media is an Influencer Marketing Network based in Sweden. They have performed over 10,000 campaigns across YouTube, Instagram and on key blogs. They feature over 150,000 influencers in their growing network. They also work with brands of all sizes and shapes to achieve goals.

  • Tagline: Leading Influencer Marketing Network in the Nordic countries
  • Locations: Scandinavia

Cure Media website screenshot

August United

August United is an influencer marketing agency that helps you achieve your goals and reach your core audience. They create core partnerships with influencers, conduct outreach, on-boarding, and, after the content goes live, they leverage paid social. Their number one aim is to activate influencers that drive business outcomes.

  • Tagline: End-to-end influencer marketing
  • Locations: Global

August United website screenshot


HelloSociety helps brands optimize their marketing efforts through what they call strategic partnerships. The company have helped more than 350 brands since their inception. They offer a tastemaker partnership program, insights via a detailed analytics dashboard to keep track of things, and much more.

  • Tagline: Influencer Powered Social Media Marketing
  • Locations: US

HelloSociety website screenshot

Influencer Champions

Influencer Champions helps brands by placing their products, services or messages in partnership with the most suitable influencers out there. They have worked with over 100 brands so far and both source and secure influencers for them. They also offer campaign management from the very beginning to the end.

  • Tagline: The Best Social Influencers For Your Brand
  • Locations: Global

Influencer Champions website screenshot


Goat offers bespoke campaigns to drive digital results for brands. They do not own or manage any particular influencers or accounts, and only work with the most relevant influencers for the task at hand. They use performance data to inform everything they do: from influencer selection, time of posting and call to actions.

  • Tagline: The Leading Global Social Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Locations: Global

Goat website screenshot


Summer is a global influencer marketing agency that connect brands with influencers. They design and run campaigns, manage careers and maintain partnerships. They have access to a global selection of talent and their clients include Google, ASOS, Neutrogena, Carphone Warehouse, Adidas, Jaguar and more.

  • Tagline: That’s Why Summer Is Your Happy Place
  • Locations: Global

Summer website screenshot

Pulse Advertising

Pulse Advertising provides social strategy, creative campaign design, influencer sourcing and execution and analytics reporting. They tailor their process to the specific objective at hand. From micro-influencers to large-scale ambassador programs. They have worked with Disney, Puma, HTC and UBER.

  • Tagline: We live and love Social Media
  • Locations: Global

Pulse Advertising website screenshot


PopShorts is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in video activations. They take a hands-on approach with strategy, planning, production, and reporting. They also offer a 24/7 commitment to customer service. They have worked with Sony, Fox, ABC, Hulu, Adobe, Disney and many others.

  • Tagline: Specialists in video activations
  • Locations: Global

PopShorts website screenshot

PopShorts – The Social Agency from PopShorts on Vimeo.


Americanoize aims to strategize, create and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective in growing a brand’s following, value and sales. They have worked with some of the leading brands, including McDonald’s, Ray-Ban, Samsung, Apple and more.

  • Tagline: The Influencer Marketing Experts
  • Locations: Global

Influencer marketing experts video


HireInfluence is a full-service influencer marketing agency. They specialize in customized promotional campaigns and consulting and have worked with brands such as Microsoft, Gatorade, eBay, Warner Bros, Payless Shoes, Oreo, Cosmopolitan, Howard Johnson, Adidas, Southwest Airlines and many more.

  • Tagline: Award-winning influencer marketing agency
  • Locations: Global

HireInfluence website screenshot

Social Chain

Social Chain creates and executes an influencer strategy for your brand, amplifying the story to reach new customers. They connect influencer marketing talent with brands, looking at the social landscape to identify good fits. Social Chain also features a network of bloggers, vloggers, micro influencers and celebrities.

  • Tagline: Bespoke Influencer Campaigns
  • Locations: Global

Social Chain website screenshot

Digital Voices

Digital Voices is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in YouTube campaigns and influencer partnerships. The agency works directly with brands to build their bespoke influencer campaigns, advising on strategy, design, video, photography and negotiations. Clients include Island, The Economist and Oxfam.

  • Tagline: Content Your Customers Want To Watch. Not Ads They Want To Skip
  • Locations: Global

Digital Voices website screenshot


IMA is an influencer marketing agency that helps brands to engage and reach audiences on a global basis. They feature a network of over 20,000 influencers and will match a brand to one of them based on data; creating a bespoke image for the brand. Clients with the agency include Calvin Klein, Mini, Diesel, Samsung and TomTom.

  • Tagline: The Leading Agency for Digital Influencer Marketing
  • Locations: Global

IMA website screenshot


REDPILL specializes in branded video content that audiences want to share. They have worked with over 70,000 social influencers and 15,000 publishers, across 57 territories – a combined reach of 3.7 billion people. Independent trackers can be added to all campaigns to measure sales. Clients include Coca-Cola, GettyImages and Hugo Boss.

  • Tagline: London’s Leading Agency For Branded Content & Influencer Marketing
  • Locations: Global

REDPILL website screenshot

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is a global influencer marketing agency that offers campaigns at scale. The influencer agency connects brands to content creators across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They also feature a dedicated influencer network, an influencer matching system, analytics and more.

  • Tagline: Tailor Made Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Locations: Global

Socially Powerful website screenshot


PMYB is an influencer marketing agency that focuses on KPIs for brands. They offer social amplification services and can identify ‘chromo-influencers’. Chromo-influencers are the top 3% of influencers who achieve four times more conversions for brands. Clients include KFC, Barclays, Walmart, Disney, Badoo and Apple.

  • Tagline: The Influencer Marketing Agency Built on Delivering Results
  • Locations: Global

PMYB website screenshot


WaR is an influencer marketing agency that was founded in 2010. The agency offers bespoke influencer marketing strategies, along with the choice of influencer, campaign reports, help with events and full management of them. Their clients include Primark, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, Pandora, Starbucks and Clinique.

  • Tagline: Integrated Experiences To Help Engage And Connect With Your Target Audience
  • Locations: UK

WaR website screenshot


6Degrees is a UK influencer marketing agency that identifies and activates strategies, manages campaigns as they go live and provides measurements and reporting. They vet each and every influencer for campaigns personally – not via data or machines. They also handle negotiations, identifications and activations.

  • Tagline: Leading Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Locations: Global

6Degrees website screenshot


Mediakix provides influencer marketing services, including sponsored blog posts and branded content, YouTube influencer sponsorships, social influencers and social media marketing campaigns. They feature custom campaign tracking and analytics, while clients have included Golin, Blue Apron, 505 Games and Uber.

  • Tagline: Reach Your Target Audiences In Innovative And Effective Ways
  • Locations: Global

Mediakix website screenshot


theAmplify is a mobile-first influencer marketing agency that matches brands with creators across 750,000 social accounts. There is the ability to monitor and boost campaigns through a dedicated dashboard in real-time, while clients with the agency include Amazon, Ford, Nissan, Lionsgate and Taco Bell.

  • Tagline: We Make Influencer Marketing Better, Faster, And Easier
  • Locations: Global

theAmplify website screenshot


Carusele is an influencer marketing agency that boasts the ability to track, test and score in real-time the content they produce. From this they can discover which content performs the best, allowing them to syndicate it out to target audiences. They also feature a Content Performance Index, an algorithmic ranking of a brand’s content.

  • Tagline: Influencer Marketing Perfected
  • Locations: US

Carusele website screenshot

Urban Nerds

Urban Nerds is a youth marketing agency — based in London — that offers bespoke influencer marketing plans and campaigns to brands looking to grow their audience reach. They are firmly focused on youth culture and promoting young talent. Global clients with the agency include Beats by Dre, Converse, BBC, Deezer, Puma and Doc Martens.

  • Tagline: Award Winning Culture + Youth Marketing Agency
  • Locations: Global

Urban Nerds website screenshot


Influentially is a London, UK based influencer marketing agency that covers all verticals brand needs at influencer marketing. To stand out the rest the agency pays special attention to keeping brand’s identity safe and working with the best talent among influencers. The influencers the Influentially works with can create custom content, live stream, be virtual ambassadors for brands, target specific communities perform digital PR stunts, drive video views for brands and more.

  • Tagline: The Influencer Talent Management Agency
  • Locations: Global

Influentially website screenshot

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing agencies are an essential component of today’s influencer marketing field. Many influencer marketing platforms provide brands with necessary level of sophistication to launch an ad campaign but in many cases teams of professional marketers are needed to meet a particular brand’s challenge. In this guide we’ve tried to put together some of the best out there for your convenience. If you’re constrained with limited human resources, lack of experience or time, approaching an influencer marketing agency is the way to go. Agencies you can see on the list work with influencers from different countries who have a great number of followers on different social media platforms. They work with brands from specific business verticals and hence the focus of their expertise. You also need to be aware, and factor it in, that these agencies are capable to carry on different number of ad campaigns simultaneously. No matter what influencer marketing agency you’re approaching, you need to make sure it has enough resources to allocate on your project.