DATA Live! Berlin

DATA Live! Berlin

DATA Live! Berlin - Discover the future of mobile growth

Date:28th February 2019
Topic:App Growth and Marketing
Venue:AMANO Rooftop Conference

Are you a digital marketer? Want to learn how to do more with data and automation?

The team behind App Promotion Summit Berlin, London and NYC would like to invite you to attend a DATA Live! event, part of a series of more intimate and focused seminars.

The topic of Data is one of the most fundamental strands of your marketing strategy.

And when we say ‘fundamental’ we mean ‘essential’, ‘critical’, ‘crucial’ to the chances of your app being successful, or indeed, even more successful. You need to get ahead of the curve on this.

By attending this one-day workshop your Data strategy will be seriously enhanced. You’ll learn how to become a data-centric marketer and increase your ability to work with engineering and other teams.


PLEASE NOTE – This workshop is only open to app publishers and brands. You cannot attend if you represent an agency, platform or network.

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