3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum

3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum

3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum - 3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum

Date:9th - 10th July 2019
Topic:Mobile Enterprise
Venue:World Trade Center

The 3rd IoT Global Innovation Forum, July 9-10, 2109 at the World Trade Center Portland brings together leading technology innovators, business strategists and developers from around the world in a focused, executive-level Forum for invaluable information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. Speakers will discuss the latest applications for traditional commercial processes as well as new business models and opportunities within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere across industry verticals. The emphasis is on IoT innovation – recent advances and strategies that are driving profitability in the evolving connected economy.  This is a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with key executives creating the future of IoT.  Visit www.iotglobalforum.com

Topics to be addressed include:

–  IoT Smart Cities and Building Automation

–  Wearables and the Consumer IoT

–  IoT and the Emerging Smart Home

–  IoT Business Strategy and Real-World Case Studies

–  Ensuring IoT Security in a Changing Landscape

–  IoT Implications and Opportunities for Manufacturers & Commercial Enterprises

–  Obtaining and Leveraging Value from Big Data Analytics

–  Industrial IoT Advances and Horizons

–  IoT at the Edge — Cloud Architectures & Data Success Strategies

–  And more

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