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AppBooster User Guide AppBooster is a one-stop-shop rewarded installs campaigns platform and this user guide covers all major features of its dashboard. The user guide contains the following: Information on what tracking system and payment options are supported and how to add... China Mobile Game Industry Information Handbook August 2014 Avazu’s mobile game industry information handbook August 2014 arms game developers with the knowledge they need. The handbook covers the following: China’s mobile game market Who are the mobile game upstarts in China? Chinese mobile gamer profile analysis Japan Mobile Game Market Information Handbook Avazu’s December 2014 handbook on Japan’s mobile game market arms developers with the knowledge they need to survive. The free resource covers the following: The behaviour of the Japanese gamer A profile of the Japanese mobile game market How... China Mobile Game Industry Information Handbook September 2014 Avazu’s mobile game industry handbook September 2014 has lots of information for game developers. The September 2014 handbook covers the following: The Chinese mobile gamer population A look at the share of gamers The Chinese mobile gamer average age and... Southeast Asia Mobile Game Market Information Handbook November 2014 Avazu’s information handbook November 2014 features a discussion on the Southeast Asian online game market. The free handbook covers the following for app developers: Mobile game market profiles of major counties in Southeast Asia The opportunities and challenges of the... InMobi Insights – The State of App Downloads and Monetization InMobi’s Insights report examines the latest trends and patterns in the mobile app economy in 2014. Some key questions the report aims to answer are: Which markets have growth potential? Which markets are growing expensive? Which category of apps... Retargeting: Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy is Incomplete Without It App marketers can increase the value they get from their existing user base. It’s definitely an important area to consider as 80% of future revenue will come from just 20% of existing mobile customers. The key is making sure to... IAB Digital Mixology Playbook The ‘IAB Digital Mixology Playbook’ is a whitepaper that showcases expert opinions on how beverage marketers can successfully reach their target audience via mobile apps. Key points from this report include the following: The state of the booze industry and... App Annie & MEF: Emerging Markets and Growth in the Global App Economy App Annie has released their MEF Global App Economy report that focuses on app store growth for iOS and Google Play. Key points from the report are: Which countries are experiencing app store growth? Which countries are topping earnings growth?... Mealtime Goes Mobile: Mobile Screens’ Impact on Ordering Takeout and Delivery Two-thirds of mobile users have placed online food orders via their smartphone or other mobile device, with half downloading restaurant-orientated apps. Mobile Pizza ordering, in particular, well and truly dominates mobile internet. This report discusses that and more in several... App Annie and IDC Mobile App Advertising and Monetization Trends App Annie has released its latest report on mobile app advertising and monetisation titled: ‘App Annie & IDC Mobile App Advertising and Monetization Trends 2013-2018’. Key points from the this new report include: A discussion of the huge growth in mobile... App Annie Index: 2014 Retrospective – The Top App Trends of 2014 App Annie has released its new ‘App Annie Index: 2014 Retrospective’ which analyses the key trends of last year along with who the top performers were. Key points from this report include: How Japan, South Korea and the United States are... App Annie & IDC Portable Gaming Report 2014 Review App Annie has released its latest ‘App Annie & IDC Portable Gaming Report’, that focuses on game consumption trends in the last year on mobile – this includes dedicated mobile game devices such as the PS Vita and Nintendo... State of Mobile Advertising Q4 2014 In 2014, the revenue and traffic generated across Android and iOS changed substantially. Primarily, Google’s Android beat iOS in ad impressions served and continues to dominate to this day. Key points from Opera Mediaworks latest report include: A discussion on how Apple... Launching and Marketing Apps Across Europe In this report, Eugene Stipp from Yahoo!, Thomas Sommer from AppLift, and Ozgur Tohumcu from Ericsson share their experiences and advice of releasing apps across Europe. Some of the key points included in the report are: A list of... Accepting Payments In Your Mobile App The mobile payments industry will double its number of customers in the next four years. With this in mind, the ‘Application Developers Alliance Mobile Payments Working Group’ has created a ‘best-practices’ guide to help app developers surmount the challenges they face from... The DNA of Successful Media and Entertainment Apps The Application Developers Alliance Media & Entertainment Working Group has released a new guide, ‘The DNA of Successful Media and Entertainment Apps’, to arm app developers with the tools and knowledge they need. App developers will learn the following: The variables... Going Native: The Future of Mobile Advertising The Application Developers Alliance Business and ‘Revenue Working Group’ has created its new best-practices guide, ‘Going Native: The Future of Mobile Advertising’. With this new guide, app developers and mobile marketers will learn to: Distinguish and define the concept of native... How Big is the Mobile Marketing Opportunity? MMA has released new research results on the ROI of mobile and its optimized spend. The research suggests mobile publishers and advertisers in the mobile marketing world are not maximising the powerful and growing platform. The new research does the following: App...

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