Pokémon GO Revenue and Usage Statistics (2017)

Share41Tweet3ShareWith the current level of maturity and saturation of mobile app stores, for a while it felt like the time of app mega hits was gone. But it turned out that’s not the case and the augmented-reality mobile game Pokémon GO, developed by Niantic, Inc, is here to prove we were wrong! Augmented Reality technology brings up many applications on the table, as with mobile apps in general, Games category has been leading the pack and Pokémon GO was the first up to hit the ground really hard. After its phenomenal success the game became a yard stick for other Augmented Reality-based games to measure their success. Before you will dive into the statistics, if you want to download Pokémon GO, here it is for your iPhone or Android … Continue reading Pokémon GO Revenue and Usage Statistics (2017)