Etsy Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)

Etsy is an e-commerce platform focused on small businesses and artisans which sell handmade or vintage items. It started life in Brooklyn, New York and quickly expanded throughout the US and into Europe. In a competitive US e-commerce market with Amazon and eBay, Etsy separated itself with the uniqueness of items sold and the focus on quality. Etsy’s editorial team in the early days also focused on highlighting artistic work, rather than commercially-made items. That has led to Etsy’s booming creator economy, with millions of sellers who use Etsy as a side-gig to sell handmade homeware or jewelry items. In some cases, the income from Etsy has allowed these sellers to go full-time. Etsy has increased revenue and usage every year since its IPO in … Continue reading Etsy Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)