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Updated: June 28, 2022

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This guide will cover everything from being an app install affiliate marketer, how you stand to profit from getting involved, and how to choose the best app install affiliate programs available.

App install affiliate networks connect mobile publishers with affiliate programs that drive mobile app installs for PPC advertisers.

App developers are in constant pursuit of finding new users for their mobile apps; such networks are a valuable asset for their user growth ongoing efforts.

An extra benefit that advertisers get from such affiliate networks is that they help them to increase their ranking on app stores by delivering lots of app installs quickly.

For publishers, app install affiliate networks can offer high payouts for the app downloads they bring.

What is an app affiliate?

A mobile apps affiliate is someone who promotes specific apps and gets rewarded in turn for doing so.

They typically drive users to a mobile app via their own channels.

App affiliates earn a commission each time a new user starts using the app–there is often a simple verification process to determine a new user.

Sometimes other mobile products, such as Swiftic’s App Maker, need promoting too. Here affiliates can earn up to $150 per new customer.

Below you’ll find the main pros and cons of app affiliate marketing:


  • A good amount of varying incentives, from regular cash payouts to new entertainment products.
  • The best programs provide tools to track your referrals and traffic, helping you improve your game.
  • Long-term partnerships are more than possible, with some affiliates making lasting relationships for years.
  • A large number of programs are available, and more get created frequently.
  • You can work from anywhere and whenever you want, as long as you have a decent internet connection.
  • The payouts are typically high and offer better rewards than other affiliate niches.

Mobile apps affiliate marketing process

Source: Post Affiliate Pro


  • It takes a lot of hard work to see results you can live off, and there can be a significant time commitment.
  • The programs and rewards can change relatively quickly, with little or no notice.
  • A dodgy affiliate referral can destroy credibility–always choose quality businesses to avoid this.
  • Affiliate hijacking can occur, so you’re not given credit for your referrals, although URL masking can help here.

App affiliate offers are high-paying and ubiquitous offers.

With names such as Microsoft and Google Apps offering great programs, affiliate marketers and brands have a lot of potential.

Other mobile app affiliate program benefits include:

  • They offer the ability to generate significant revenues with the right traffic.
  • High eCPMs with a good insight into the overall market.
  • Smart affiliates or media buyers can make a margin by buying traffic and optimizing it to generate arbitrage between its cost and the value generated through the CPA offers.
  • Affiliate networks tend to pay quickly–within 30 days or so.
  • Networks work with advertisers that affiliates wouldn’t usually have access to at the start.

How does app affiliate marketing work?

App affiliate marketing is where affiliates drive traffic to an app, product, or service.

Advertisers hire dedicated affiliates to promote their apps and products and reward them for each new user that signs up and uses the app.

App affiliate marketing allows app developers to drive installs for relatively low costs without needing entire advertising teams.

Essentially the app developers boost their installs, and affiliates get rewarded with high commissions and other rewards.

The rewards vary depending on the program and can change quickly, although commissions are relatively stable.

App affiliate network example

Source: Instamobile

App affiliate marketing networks often pay monthly, although weekly is sometimes an option as well.

The process goes something like this:

1. You advertise the app or product across your channels

2. A customer clicks and follows the link

3. The customer purchases the app or product

4. The app network records the transaction

5. After a few days, the network confirms the purchase

6. You get paid a commission

There are variations to this process, but ultimately, app affiliates act as marketers and get rewarded for doing so.

The most successful app affiliates tend to grow their channels before getting involved.

An app owner’s objective is to grow their app traffic, downloads, and installations and turn it into profits and conversions.

How can you benefit from app affiliate networks?

For a start, it’s straightforward to start an affiliate marketing business.

You should have an affiliate site to market the products or drive users towards apps already set up, but from there, signing up to programs is fast.

You don’t need particular marketing expertise to join these affiliate programs, although those specializing in the mobile space will have the most to gain.

The key benefit is that you don’t have to leave your day job–you can do both at once.

It requires some good time management skills, but once you have a schedule, you can generate a passive income that may become a full-time job.

The payouts in the app affiliate niche are often high, and affiliates only have to follow the rules and regulations of the program in question–for those that like independence, it’s a natural home.

App affiliate program example

Source: Apple Performance Partner Program

Perhaps best of all, a great deal of flexibility is on offer. You’ll be able to run various campaigns and don’t have to stick to one program (unless the rules state otherwise).

If a program doesn’t work, you can always move on to the next one, so the chance of high growth and profitability is consistently on the cards.

Those that want to become app developers but don’t know how to develop a mobile app can gain experience from the templates.

For example, Instamobile focuses on helping its customers to develop apps and provides app templates, starter kits, themes, and more.

The focus on mobile templates could be perfect for app developers who want to start but don’t know the steps to take.

The commission rate for Instamobile is 30%, so it’s an excellent place to start.

Finally, if you’re great at marketing campaigns in general, it gives you the chance to earn sufficiently based on your performance.

Those that work hard, stay persistent, and keep practising can go far.

What to look for in app affiliate programs?

How do you choose the best app affiliate platform with so many out there? We’ve listed some critical areas to focus your attention on.

Commission rates

The first area is self-explanatory. You want to look for app affiliate networks that provide high commission rates or other rewards worth your time.

While you may not get the best commission rates at first, the more you grow your channels, the more networks will allow you into their programs.

Time window

Affiliate app installs and sign-ups get counted in specific windows of time–when this time expires, you won’t get compensation for your marketing efforts.

It’s best to look for at least 30-day time windows to give yourself the greatest chance of earning enough each month.

Network support

Network support varies across the board. Most networks offer basic support, such as email and (sometimes) live chat options.

The best networks offer full support and will even provide a great deal of the marketing material used during promotions, so look for them.

What are the biggest affiliate app offers and their platform?

Here are some of the biggest affiliate app offers along with their platform in the table below.

Platform/Company Affiliate Offer Payout Data
Microsoft Advertise hardware and software program Up to 10% commissions
Google Apps Every new user that signs-up $15 for every user, up to $1,500 per business that signs up
Apple iTunes Promote Apple products Up to 10% commission
AppThemes Earn up to $59.70 per sale Two-tiered affiliate program at 30% and 10%
SiteWrap $198.80 per sale of the main webinar offer Earn 40%
Envato Studio For each new customer you refer 30% commission on first purchase

Here we’ve put together the leading app installs affiliate networks that cover offers for all major mobile operating systems.

Top Apps Affiliate Networks

Get started with the best app affiliate networks

App affiliate programs are a good option for passive income and flexibility, so they’re more than worth trying out for both beginners and experts.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for new offers–better programs appear consistently and higher payouts are just around the corner.

Check out our top app affiliate networks list and start boosting your income. We’ve put together for you the ultimate app affiliate networks.

List of apps affiliate programs and offers


The One-Stop-Shop In Affiliate Marketing

(111 votes)


CrakRevenue is a CPA-based advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers. It provides affiliates with three plans (Active Affiliate, VIP Affiliate and Elite Club), all of which has Help Desk included, hundreds of offers and 5% lifetime referral program. On top of that for the second and third plans it offers a dedicated affiliate manager, exclusive offers and promotions, annual payout bumps and more.

Key features:

  • Mobile platforms: Android, OS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS
  • Offer Types: Dating, Cam, Health, Adult Gaming
Learn more about CrakRevenue


The fullest collection of Dating offers Worldwide

(2 votes)

Cpamatica is a global performance marketing agency with an integrated affiliate network. Our core business idea – provide never-ending growth both for affiliates and advertisers. We give access to 1000+ offers in Dating (Casual + Mainstream), Games and Streaming verticals, including Cpamatica in-house offers and white labels for worldwide geos.

Benefits affiliates get working with us:

🎯 In-house products in the Dating and Games niches.
🎯 Weekly payments without holdback via WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Wire, Capitalist, USDT/BTC.
🎯 The minimum withdrawal amount starts from $50
🎯 Regular bumps and payouts increase for HQ traffic
🎯 Experienced and result-oriented personal managers who are available 24/7.
🎯 Cpamate Club – an industry-leading loyalty program with a transparent calculation system.
🎯 An in-house built traffic management tool (FLOW) helps optimise your traffic and create your own smartlink.
🎯 Exclusive discounts on affiliate services from top industry players.

Learn more about Cpamatica


The Leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network

(1 vote)

Algo-Affiliates is the world leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network. Our attention to detail and commitment to building partnerships are the reasons why our affiliates earn more. Our team of passionate performance marketers ensure that every element from banner, to click, to conversion and more are perfectly optimized and deliver unprecedented results every time.

Learn more about Algo-Affiliates


#1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide

(6 votes)
Named a Top 10 Media Partner by the AppsFlyer Performance Index Branch Certified Partner (Only 23 named out of over 1,000 media partners)....


Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM are now unified under the global brand of Perform[cb]. Please visit our company page to learn more.

Perform[cb] empowers brands to acquire new customers through incremental digital channels on a pay for results model. Our proprietary technology and highly curated partner marketplace aligns “cost-per” pricing with customer lifetime value. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to drive traffic, or a fortune 500 brand in need of comprehensive performance marketing strategy, Perform[cb] is the recognized leader in online performance marketing with the #1 ranked marketplace in the world. We specialize in vertical-specific performance marketing strategy so that you reach the customers you want – and only pay for the customers you acquire.

Key Features

  • Perform[cb] is a premier mobile marketing company helping advertisers acquire quality users that exceed their KPIs
  • Ranked in AppsFlyer’s 2019 Performance Index as a top 10 Media Partner
  • Driving mobile app installs with high levels of engagement and retention
  • Protecting ad spend through proprietary fraud prevention technology
  • Perform[cb] aligns quality and scale to leverage data to deliver clients targeted users that continue to engage
  • Working across channels such as video, in-app, incent, influencer, pre-installs, and display
  • Utilizing over 20 years of experience in the mobile marketing industry to help apps plan and execute in today’s complex mobile advertising ecosystem
Learn more about Performcb


Global affiliate network distinguishes by innovative

(262 votes)

MyLead is a global affiliate network that to this day has paid over $ 2 million to their users.

MyLead offers over 1,600 affiliate programs (including the most popular programs – e-mail submit, credit card submit, VOD, smartlinks, downloads and dating), seven monetization models, and dozens of different categories with various services.

With MyLead affiliates usually get paid within 48 hours, using bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Bank, Revolut, WebMoney and Bitcoin. MyLead team provides 24/7 support.

Key features:

  • You can start generating revenue in 5 easy steps
  • To this day $8 millions were paid to registered publishers
  • 2,164 affiliate programs are registered on the platform
  • MyLead has 166,000 publishers registered on the platform.
Learn more about MyLead



(2 votes)

IMOCASH is a fully vertical Affiliate Network, operating globally with a focus on the entertainment industry. Our very strong markets are TIER 1, but we also have good inventory in selected other countries. As one of the fastest growing networks in the industry, we can monetize mobile and desktop traffic.

Key features:

  • Our team consists of experienced managers who have been working in the industry for 15 years and more and our experience is YOUR key to success.
  • It’s not just giving you the best offers with the best payout. It’s about optimizing your campaigns, giving you valuable information and getting the maximum out of your traffic.
  • Newbie in Affiliate Marketing? – Work with the best in the industry, right from the start!
  • Longtime affiliate? – Let us be your eyes and ears! Get a new feeling for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Searching for the right offer can be very time consuming. Therefore, you can filter our huge amount of offers ( e.g. by vertical / media types / country / payout)
  • Being part of IMOCASH means more free time for you. As I said, we will be your eyes and ears – our Affiliate Manager will inform you on important news!
Learn more about IMOCASH


Direct Apps Affiliate Network

(2 votes)

AdsMain is one of the pioneers in mobile advertising. Working since 2010 we created trusted relationships with most app developers and best direct publishers with mobile traffic from all over the world. We value relationships with each partner and try to make them as much profitable as we can for both of us.

Key features:

  • Email and phone support 365/7
  • Fast and scheduled payments
  • Lots of offers with high commissions
  • Easy to use and detailed tracking system
  • Hundreds of publishers
Learn more about AdsMain

Add Value Media

Direct And Exclusive Offers Worldwide

(1 vote)


Add Value Media is a fast growing Online Marketing Agency dedicated to maximizing the success of advertisers and publishers. We are specialized in Desktop, Mobile, Native and Video Advertising. We offers Affiliates and Media Buyers access to the latest campaigns, direct and exclusive advertisers, dedicated account managers and timely payment terms with competitive payouts.

We Add Value to the performance marketing, let’s talk!

Key features:

  • Payments and ontime
  • High converting offers
  • High payouts
  • Direct & Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • CPI/ CPA/CPC/CPM offers
Learn more about Add Value Media


Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payouts | 24/7 Support

(15 votes)


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