YouTube updates monetization procedure for video creators

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 2, 2017

YouTube is currently working to update the way its advertising algorithms are working in order to make it easier for advertisers to monitor how their videos are performing. The initiative follows a series of complaints from creators across the video streaming site.
YouTube previously rolled out a new monetization and appeals procedure back in August which sought to ensure enhanced transparency for creators in measuring their video monetization.
A machine learning algorithm was employed to show when videos were being monetized (green icon) or not fully monetized (yellow icon). In addition, the company rolled out an appeals process for creators to have their monetization classification reviewed by employees at YouTube.
According to a company blog post, over one million human reviews have been conducted to train the technology since August. This has resulted in 30% of videos being fully monetized (from limited monetization).
YouTube wrote:

As we continue to make improvements, we’ll keep you updated on changes. The creator community is incredibly important to YouTube and we’re grateful for your patience as we’ve worked to make our systems better, bring advertisers back to the platform and push updates that help protect your revenue.