YouAppi rolls out Actionable Cohort Analysis and reaches 1.1bn in mobile profiles

Anne Freier

In Uncategorized. November 10, 2015

App marketing company, YouAppi, today announced the launch of its Actionable Cohort Analysis which provides marketers with greater insights into their users. As part of its OneRun platform, Actionable Cohort Analysis, attributes users to cohorts based on their behaviour and patterns. Insights unveil the types of devices and apps a consumer uses and ranks these cohorts by criteria including travel, entertainment, shopping, gaming, utilities and lifestyle.
Actionable Cohort Analysis as part of the OneRun platform offers additional insights
This means that marketers and app developers can learn the co-relation between app downloads and make accurate predictions. E.g. a user who downloads a travel app, may also download a utility app such as a navigator, map and trip planner for his/her holiday. Ultimately, these predictions make it easier to target users by their future behaviour. When a user then opens the app or site, OneRun identifies that user and expands on the criteria it is already tracking for him/her.
YouAppi relies on data from its 1.1bn mobile user profiles engaging with over 3,000 mobile apps and sites. All data is the direct result of post install events with apps downloaded via YouAppi and not from external partners.
Eyal Hilzenrat, VP Products & Partnerships, YouAppi, says:
elza hilzenrat

“Actionable Cohort Analysis is making our predictive analytics faster, better and more relevant. We’re now able to analyze and optimize mobile customer acquisition campaigns based on cohort analysis more effectively by automating more and more of our knowledge base.”

In addition, YouAppi announced that it had scaled reaching 1.1bn mobile profiles, 3,000 mobile apps and sites, 200 countries, 100bn impressions monthly and five offices and global data centers.