You Cannot Ignore Gen Z If You Want Your App To Succeed: All You Need to Know

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Posted: April 26, 2018

All reputable brands in the world are looking for effective ways to improve their effective positioning with Generation Z consumers. 

Now, the question is – “Who is Generation Z?” Well, it is the generation of people born between 1996 and present day. Although they are not independent enough to fulfill their needs, they are likely to account for 40% of the consumers by 2020. 

Businesses that want to be at the forefront of trends should focus on this group, understand what they want and cater their needs.  Unfortunately, there is not much data about Generation Z – because of which everyone seems to focus on Millennials. This is the most researched group up to the date based on which we can come to a conclusion. 

Why it is important for businesses to target Generation Z?

Most recently, it has been discussed that capitalizing on Generation Z will benefit business owners for many reasons. People of this group are early adopters who are always ready to try new things. Being digital natives, they love technology and related things. If we consider the demographics, they account for more than 40% of people in the US. Moreover, they are the highly dominant group on social media and mobile market. 

How can brands relate to Generation Z?

Based on new research, reputed brands consider Generation Z more valuable than Millennials. It is estimated that 63% of Gen Z need marketing from real people in ads, while the remaining favor reputed personalities. With new priorities and fickle tastes, Gen Z can make or break your brand. It is understandable for brands to feel pressurized to capitalize on demographics associated with Gen Z. Gaining a deep understanding of various characteristics of Gen Z will help brands to improve positioning of their brands and ROI. 

What are the characteristics of Gen Z?

Companies that want to succeed in next decade need to consider the Gen Z group that is shaping today’s culture. Here are some of the characteristics of Gen Z that help business owners reach its potential audience.

They have new expectations

People of Gen Z have their own habits and expectations that are quite different from other groups. For example – Gen Z people consider restaurants as places with endless options, rather than mere places that satisfy their hunger. There are plenty of brands that offer unique experiences to fulfill the expectations of Gen Z people. It is estimated that 60% of Gen Z people prefer cool products with innovative and unique features. 

They are mobile first generation people

Gen Z consumers adapt to new technologies very fast compared to other generations. Today, as we can see more than 50% of teens have their own mobile phones. The Gen Z consumers are smartphone natives, while millennials were smartphone users. Hence, we can say Gen Z can be characterized by the way they use technology. 

They can process content faster

Gen Z has the ability to consume and process content at a fast rate than other generations. Whether it is sorting data from one screen or multiple screens, they are capable of sorting through a vast amount of information. If we analyze their processing power, we will find that their average attention span is 8 seconds, which is 12 seconds for millennials.  Even though teens access lot of information than an average person, they are likely to protect your confidential data. 

How to make sure that your app reaches Gen Z?

Gen Zers are quite different from their companions and value the authenticity more than their predecessors. They are not loyal either and switch brands if they come across a high-quality product. It means, Gen Zers believe that businesses must take a real stand on human rights issues.  You need to provide an experience that fits into their lifestyle. Here are some of the ways to win over Gen Z consumers.  

Build loyalty

Gen Z consumers are very interested in promotional offers, and loyalty programs. They are more concerned about services such as – free shipping, flexible return policy, special discounts etc. That is the reason why reputed stores like Amazon and eBay would be a favorite of this generation. 

As this Gen consumer lives on multiple channels across multiple screens, business owners must provide an experience that fits into their lifestyle. Don’t disappoint them, once you set an Omni-channel presence. They are likely to drop a brand if they face issues like – poor response time, inappropriate mobile features etc.   

Keep it simply superb

Remember that Gen Zers have little or no patience for the inconvenience. They are likely to switch the brand if they find your app slow or faulty. To turn on Gen Z consumers, you must provide them with an engaging and interactive mobile app solution. Make ample use of features, reward programs, gaming features and many more to turn them into devoted clients. 

For example – if you take a look at reputed apps, you will find them with many rewarding features that appeal Gen Zers. 

Gen Zers don’t show much interest in the sponsored content. Instead, they show interest in brands and cater to their needs and wants. Make sure to avoid sales tone in the content. Instead, clearly communicate the problems that your business could solve. 

Use social media marketing

Social media marketing is a highly effective tool that helps you make your app reach to its target audience. Social media channels are a great hub for Gen Zers, where they connect with new friends of their lifestyle. You can encourage your customers to share feedback and recommendations on the social network for rewards and incentives. 

Gen Zers would love to share promo codes through their mobile app to get extra discount from the brand. Such campaigns can be effective in gaining new customers, keeping the current customers. Companies can easily integrate social platforms to gather reviews from satisfied customers. However, integrating mobile apps with social networks can result in positive as well as negative feedback from customers. 


Although the Millennials old majority of purchasing power, companies must target Gen Zers also. Take a step forward and focus on building an intuitive user experience that aligns with Gen Zers. Provide them with innovative ways to support causes through purchases. 

To increase their engagement with your brand, you must provide them with a complete mobile solution that includes multiple engaging elements. Think of the big picture of your brand loyalty to capture the attention of Generation Z. 

As it was said above, Generation Z is made of digital natives. It is important to think how they actually use your app. Generation Z lives online and they are more interested in what their friends think. Their tastes pose challenges to mobile app developers and designers. So, take time to listen to their needs and get it right at the right time.   

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