Yes, app store categories affect your user retention rate

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Depending on which category your app is in, the user retention rate may vary dramatically, according to data shared by app analytics experts at SurveyMonkey Intelligence. Additionally, it also illustrates the difference between the average median engagement value, and those that occupy both the top 20% and bottom 80%.

App engagement data shows how often an app is used each week

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In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, it’s weather apps that manage the highest retention rate and the lowest amount of time spent in an app per day — topping three times per week, and less than 100 seconds each time on average.

However, look more closely and you’ll see the most popular weather apps still capture a users attention in a strong way, with weekly engagements rising to at least five times per week, and for more than 200 seconds.

Time spent in an app measured in seconds

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The same trend is seen across all categories, with the average app sitting closer to the lower end of app engagement figures than the top. SurveyMonkey Intelligence’s point is that not only does the app category make a difference to engagement figures, but to get the best possible performance, “it’s not enough to be average; you need to be outstanding.” It then provides some strong advice: “Make sure you’re providing your users with a remarkable experience, as measured by engagement and retention, before you start focusing on growth.”

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