Yeahmobi’s VP, Daisy Wu, On How To Obtain Users Cost-Effectively At ad:tech New Delhi

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Posted: March 7, 2016

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Daisy Wu, VP of International Business in Yeahmobi, is in charge of Yeahmobi’s business development, brand construction, investment and landing in international market. Before joining Yeahmobi, Daisy worked as Business Director of Huawei, and has over ten years’ experiences in international market like Europe and America, and impressive performance in overseas market development, foreign customer relationship management, and overseas investment and financing.
App store competition is getting increasingly fierce. It is harder and more expensive for app developers to acquire users. Research showed, in developed markets, the cost of pushing an app into the top 25 chart is staggering. In the UK, it will cost $45,000, in German, an easy $65,000 and in the US, $200,000.
For app developers, this large amount can be devastating to business. So, is there a way to obtain users in low cost? Can we attract users without spending huge amount on promoting it? Yes, there is a way. At ad:tech New Delhi conference held in March 3 to 4, Yeahmobi’s VP of International Business Daisy Wu spoke about the cost-effective way to increase app installs.
Daisy Wu revealed that the secret of saving cost when marketing app is to use different marketing campaigns flexibly through the entire process. First, when a new app lands in app store and starts promotion, developers should choose a CPI model, to ensure promotion focuses on app installs. After the app has successfully installed in users’ smartphones, a CPA model should be deployed to facilitate activation and registration process. As the app successfully grasps users, it is suggested developers continue with a CPS campaign, to nurture users’ behavior of purchase in app. After the whole process, developers will see a guaranteed ROI.
Ms Wu also added after having certain amount of users, app developers can use a burst campaign. The value of a burst campaign may be neglected. But such a campaign can sustain revenue as well as maintain an app’s position in ranking and increase organic downloads thereafter.
For instance, Yeahmobi offers all inclusive campaigns along any stage of app promotion, ranking, or engagement. It insists on result-oriented mobile app advertising tailored to app developers’ needs. Also, app developers are able to have their budget planned along with the option of post-campaign analysis.
You can visit the Yeahmobi website here.