YeahMobi hits $70m in revenues, focusing on Big Data to improve app marketing

YeahMobi logo
Global mobile ad network YeahMobi has announced that they have hit $70m in annual revenues. The news comes shortly after their recent funding round where they raised a total $15 million in capital. According to YeahMobi it will be investing its resources in developing new ‘Big Data’ solutions for the mobile ad market. Analysing data on app and game usage will produce a range of statistics on user behaviour, YeahMobi aim to use this information to deliver improved app marketing services.
CEO Peter Zou had this to say on the development:

“More valuable user acquisition is crucial for the global app and game development business. It would be great if we could apply big data to the mobile affiliate platform in a proficient way.”

App developers and marketers will benefit from this data mining as well, saving on initial promotion costs and gaining the ability to adapt their products in response to user behaviour patterns. For example, they might check at which stage of the cycle their paying users are playing to and adjust their app marketing strategy from there. Using analytics in this way would help to increase user lifetime value (LTV). The lifetime value of a mobile user is a particularly hot topic in the industry at the moment, as growing CPIs drive the need for app marketers to acquire quality users, not just large volumes of downloads. YeahMobi’s investment in Big Data is one sign that the industry is gearing up to deliver solutions that can help to address this issue.
For more information on YeahMobi, visit the official website here or their YeahMobi profile on our directory.