Yahoo Gemini ramps up features with richer targeting and greater reach

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 7, 2015

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Yahoo continues to steadily upgrade the features for its Gemini platform, the company’s marketplace for search and native advertising across devices. Amongst the latest features to be added to the platform are Richer Targeting as well as Greater Reach.
Yahoo expands Gemini
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Custom audience targeting lets marketers target native ads across various screens. Clients can retarget website users but also app users in order to re-engage their audience and continue to build valuable app users or customers.
Gemini app retargeting
Tom Cummings, Director, Account Management, Fiksu, says:
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“High-quality targeting data is a critical component of efficient mobile marketing. Fiksu clients that participated in the Gemini custom audience pilot were able to put both their first-party data and our Fiksu Personas to work building effective audience segments. We’re pleased Yahoo is offering custom audience targeting and will continue to incorporate it into future campaigns.”

Yahoo says that Gemini ads already reach 1bn global users as well as 600m mobile users monthly across Yahoo and Tumblr. The company’s Tumblr audience reaches 500m monthly users. In order to expand reach further, Gemini now offers 3x more click volume within the search ad marketplace.
Yahoo recommends that marketers opt for sensory-rich native video ads, which blend more seamlessly into Yahoo’s digital environments.