xAd and Rubicon Project team up for location-based mobile private marketplaces

Mobile ad network xAd, which provides location-based advertising for publishers and advertisers, has partnered with Rubicon Project, the ad automisation technology provider, to launch location-based private marketplaces. This means that marketers will be able to target customers by real-time location and behaviour.
Having integrated the Rubicon Project Exchange API, xAd location-powered private marketplaces empower programmatic buying platforms and advertisers to target 300 million mobile consumers across over 12 million business locations. Advertisers will have access to xAd’s mobile app inventory via Rubicon Project and be able to fully automate campaigns, making it easier for buyers to manage all their campaigns across devices and platforms. This means that marketers can target audiences more efficiently, but also save costs by no longer sending ads to the wrong locations.
Dan Hight, Head of Platform, xAd, says:

“The personalized nature of mobile devices arms marketers with insights on consumer behavior as it’s happening. By leveraging accurate location data, advertisers can reach consumers where and when they are most receptive, delivering a more relevant and impactful experience. Today, we’re excited to make that opportunity available to a new roster of premium advertisers via Rubicon Project’s private marketplace platform.”

xAd recently added Blueprints to their service, enabling marketers to track in-store visits not just near-store location tracking.
Joe Prusz, Head of Mobile, Rubicon Project, adds:

“In addition to building brand awareness, advertisers look to mobile devices to achieve conversion or incentivize loyalty both outdoors and at the point of sale. Together with xAd, we’re giving advertisers the reach and precision they need to scale these efforts around the world in private marketplace environments.”

Earlier this year, Rubicon Project posted Q4 revenue of $41.8 million, up 49% year on year. The two companies are set to embark on a joint roadshow to visit major agencies to promote their newly combined services.