xAd partners with Adelphic to enable location-based programmatic buying

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 27, 2015

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Programmatic continues its climb up the popularity ladder. Now, xAd, the location platform maker, has partnered with mobile DSP platform, Adelphic, to launch a way to activate location programmatically. xAd will be integrating its location-based technology with Adelphic, giving clients access to proprietary targeting parameters such as ‘nearby’ and ‘wider reach’. Geofences based on campaign category are auto-customised.
xAd Blueprints
Source: xad.com
The location platform by xAd scans 300bn mobile ad impressions monthly and filters and ranks data by geo precision. Its Blueprints technology then verifies a physical location and geo boundaries.
Dorothee Bergin, Director of Platform and Programmatic Partnerships, xAd, says:
dorothee bergin

“As marketers gear up for the greatest commerce season of the year, xAd now offers the most automated and precise way to reach the right mobile audiences with customized targeting parameters, enabling marketers to take the guesswork out of location-based marketing. Together, xAd and Adelphic are advancing the industry beyond ‘guess-and-check’ location targeting, which often takes days to optimize, by offering clients a better way to access and automate the most sophisticated location-based mobile targeting in real-time.”

Adelphic  provides programmatic audience buying with access to targeting, optimisation and measurement tools.
Emily Del Greco, VP of Sales, Adelphic, adds:
“This partnership with xAd grants our clients access to a leader in the mobile location space with a truly seamless integration into the Adelphic platform. Our enterprise buyers are excited about the frictionless workflow and we are committed to first-of-its-kind integrations of this type.”