WigWag open-source IoT platform closes seed funding round

Andy Boxall

In iot, news. March 1, 2016

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Open-source IoT platform WigWag has closed its seed funding round led by CSC Venture Capital, taking $3.175m. Based in Austin, Texas, the company intends to use the new investment to boost its marketing and product development teams, and to drive its products forward.

WigWag has closed its seed funding round, raising just over $3m

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CEO and co-founder Ed Hemphill said:


“As we enter into a Jetson-esque age of true smart environments, the world of traditional Internet protocol [IP] networking will merge with IoT technologies. That massive change, which involves more intelligence being placed at the network edge, creates a tremendous challenge for traditional network equipment manufacturers and a tremendous opportunity for us. There is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for companies making IP networking and IoT work together by creating entirely new applications at the network edge.”

WigWag’s platform is designed for developers, service providers, and users to help connect smart devices together, and uses an open-source runtime to help remove many of the complexities of bringing smart devices together. Learn more about WigWag’s platform by visiting its website here.