Why Mobile Advertising Is the Driving Force for Your App Business

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Posted: December 5, 2017

In today’s mobile-first world, the competition between apps is getting tough year by year. It isn’t enough anymore to build an app in a few hours and expect to reap the benefits soon. It doesn’t work like this. In order to succeed, a mobile app is supposed to solve a real problem and give value to users. What we see in reality is that a lot of apps fail as developers aren’t able to market them properly. How to promote an app the right way – that is the question. This is where mobile advertising comes into play.
Mobile advertising is one of the most efficient marketing channels known today. It reinvents the traditional advertising and has been showing an enormous growth over the past few decades. According to Magna Global, the size of the global mobile advertising market will account for $215 billion by 2021. Taking into account its huge potential, it’s no wonder that a new term – “appvertising” – was coined to refer to this growing industry.
Mobile Advertising Penetration

Source: Magna Global

Appvertising: A Brand New Era of Advertising

Appvertising is not just a new buzzword. It’s a brand new kind of advertising that is taking over the world. It’s driven by the explosion of mobile and it’s not about gadgets only. It’s about the whole mobile ecosystem that has completely changed the way users interact with information. Now marketers cannot run mobile marketing campaigns the same old way. They need to search for new ways of reaching their audience. Mobile application advertising is less intrusive and more engaging. It allows advertisers to promote their products inside the app – through video, native ads, banners, etc. A wide array of ad formats ensures a more flexible and effective promotion.

“Building an app is just half of the battle. You need to harness the power of mobile advertising if you want to get your app noticed. Furthermore, it’s necessary to rethink the marketing tools you utilize to reach and retain the high-quality users. The key here is to take a user-centric approach rather than an app-centric. Always keep the user in mind”, – explains Ross Bogdanov, VP of Product Strategy at MobAir.    

Mobile advertising offers a lot of gains and possibilities. Here are some of them.

  • Reaching users at the right place and time – Using geo data and predictive analytics tools to reach users while they are on the go.
  • Enhanced flexibility of ads – Flexible ad sizes that adjust to different screen sizes.   
  • A wide range of ad formats – Serving the right uses with the right ad units (interstitial, native, banner, video, rewarded video, etc.).
  • Granular targeting – Receiving extensive user profiles through the power of advanced technology.
  • Driving brand awareness and sales generation – Bolstering the brand’s image to attract new leads.
  • Increased marketing ROI – Building a solid marketing strategy that justifies your investments.

Make sure that your ads seamlessly blend into the surrounding context and don’t interrupt user experience. Happy users are not annoyed users.

Why MobAir Is the Right Choice to Power Your App Business

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The company provides quality traffic with its native advertising solutions that help draw engaged users and turn them into high-potential prospects. This seamless promotion method allows to attract customers globally from relevant sources, increase user retention and overall lifetime value. MobAir brings its clients a comprehensive toolkit of mobile marketing solutions, a wide range of ad formats, granular targeting, and post-install optimization campaigns.
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