Who is a DevOps Engineer?

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Posted: April 16, 2018

DevOps – is a methodology, developed in 2009, it was meant to facilitate a collaboration between developers and aiem administration to increase a product release frequency.

Therefore, DevOps engineer is a specialist who works on the joint of these two positions, and who is engaged in automation of a product lifecycle (including designing, development, testing, deployment, support and monitoring).

With DevOps consulting services you can boost your software development, improve technology processes and give your programmers more time to be focused on coding.

What exactly does a DevOps Engineer do?

Objectives and responsibilities. The core DevOps engineer responsibility is to increase predictability, efficiency and security of a software development.

If we take a look at a complete lifecycle of software, than we see that during the estimation stage DevOps specialist receives and analyzes the information about the infrastructure requirements.

During the planning stage he designs the architecture. On the stage of developing and testing (QA) he works on automation of a product deployment to development and testing environments, integration of code auto-tests into development process, and load testing of the infrastructure.

Finally, on the delivery stage, when the product is ready to be deployed to production environment or updated to the newest version, he is responsible for making this process seamless and without interruptions, completely transparent for a product end users.

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