Which mobile native adverts perform the best?

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 26, 2018

Native advertising has become an important player in mobile advertising over the last few years. However, many advertisers and publishers still don’t know which types of native ads are the best for them.
To solve this question, programmatic native ad platform my6sense has taken a closer look at billions of in-feed and in-ad native ad units on the my6sense programmatic native ad platform which were served over the last six months.
The company found that recommendation widgets are more profitable than other types of native ad units. In-feed ads followed in second place, being 20% less profitable than recommendation widgets.
The company says that recommendation widgets may be proving more effective as they circulate organic content and thus increase publisher engagement metrics such as page views.
In-feed ads however earned the highest revenue per ad. However, their revenue per thousand impressions was generally lower than recommendation widgets.
In-ad units may only generate a quarter of the revenue of recommendation widgets, however, they are considerably easier to install and still outperform banner ads.
Meanwhile, in-feed ads generated the highest CTR and user engagement in the test. This was 2.5x greater than recommendation widget ads and 10x higher than ads in in-ad units.
In-feed ads dominated for brand campaigns signalling an enhanced value for brands.

Ultimately, the best performing native ads are those which can incorporate optimized A/B creatives in recommendation widgets, in-feed and in-ad units combined. For publishers, a combination of all three proves the most profitable.

“In the same way Olympic champions utilize a broad range of training activities to achieve peak performance, my6sense marketers achieving the highest engagement rates and publishers generate the greatest revenue by running all three native ad units in parallel – recommendation widgets, in-feed and in-ad,” explained Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO & founder, my6sense.

When it comes to popularity, my6sense found that recommendation widgets were more popular than native ad units (38%) followed by in-feed units (30%), in-ad units (25%) and textual and custom designs (7%).
Screen size also doesn’t matter as native ads on smartphones result in a 2x increase in CTR compared to desktops.