What’s your ROAS across media platforms?

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 15, 2016

Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the media measurement company, just unveiled new research that compares the return on advertising spend (ROAS) that marketers should expect across a wide range of media, including mobile, video and display.
The Yes, Advertising Works. Now, What’s My ROAS Across Media Platforms? report is based on an analysis of over 1,400 campaigns across 450 brands from categories baby, pet, health and beauty, general merchandise, food, beverage and over-the-counter (OTC).
The company measured incremental sales attributed to advertising and found that linear TV ads drove the highest sales per exposed household at $0.33, followed by magazine, digital video and mobile, separated each by three cents.
Linear TV driving highest incremental sales
Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 7.16.03 AM
Source: ncsolutions.com
However, incremental sales per thousand impressions were highest on mobile, at $26.52, followed by digital video at $23.48.
Mobile is strongest when it comes to sales per impressions
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Source: ncsolutions.com
ROAS scored highest for magazines at $3.94 compared to mobile at $2.45. Items such as General Merchandise and OTC drove higher mobile ROAS than other categories.
Magazines stand out for ROAS
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Source: ncsolutions.com
Creative adverts still play a major role in driving ROAS with promotional campaigns seeing higher returns than campaigns which e.g. feature a recipe.
Whilst there is no “best” media, advertisers should choose the format to match the strategy and message. Creatives should be strong and marketers need to closely monitor their data and measurements to make the best decisions.
Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, summarises:
leslie wood

“The insights we’ve uncovered by comparing ROAS and incremental sales across media types are invaluable. While there is no ‘best’ media, and choices should be driven by strategy and message, advertisers can leverage this data to inform their media decisions.”