What mobile location data is all about [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 8, 2016

Location data is fast becoming one of the most important tools for marketers to reach mobile users and effectively target them depending on where they are. According to a new infographic from Mindshare, retailers who opt for location-based adverts have seen their foot traffic shift up by 74% and visit frequency by 56%.
An increasing number of consumers are now making purchases on their smartphones (35%). Out of 95% consumers looking up information, 90% take action. 66% of mobile users visit a business in-store or online after conducting a local search. Another 32% change their minds about buying a product in-store after researching online.
The below infographic gives a great overview of the ins and outs of location-based mobile advertising.
Mobile location data explained
Source: mindshareworld.com