What Does 10 Million App Downloads Look Like?

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Partner Post - AppThis - International Mobile App Distribution

Posted: October 28, 2015

The champagne corks were popping in Colorado a few weeks ago as Denver based AppThis hit its 10th million install.
The company, launched in 2014, is a technology platform that helps mobile app developers acquire new users globally. It does this through programmatically serving the most relevant apps to users anywhere in the world.
In fact, the 10 Million installs came from over 190 countries, which gives AppThis some interesting insights into the app space globally.
As an illustration, the split between iOS and Android varies depending on continent. Currently Android dominates market share in Asia, Africa and South America. Developers take note!
Android vs iOS
Source: AppThis Oct 2015
Average Cost per Install (CPI) varies considerably by platform and continent, as one would expect. iPhone on the whole, commands higher CPIs.
Average Cost Per Install (CPI)
Source: AppThis Oct 2015
The data, taken from over 50,000 app campaigns had a huge spread of apps in 41 categories ranging from Travel, Utilities, Games, Shopping, Productivity, Dating and Business.
Big name apps such as Game of War, StubHub, Hotel Tonight, Uber and Candy Crush Soda were well represented in the overall total. In addition, however, there was a myriad of useful (and useless!) apps covering the full spectrum of Developer creativity.
With 70% of its revenue outside the US, and now generating well over a million installs a month, AppThis is focused on growing its presence in markets like India and Asia as a whole.
You can check out the AppThis website here.