What creates brand love? Consumers trust brands more if they share at least one mobile touchpoint with them

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 10, 2018

A majority of US consumers (60%) are creating touchpoints with brands via mobile, according to new research by Oath, the Verizon-owned mobile ad business. The Brand Love Index survey unveils the most important factors that are driving brand affinity among consumers.
Based on the analyses of more than 150,000 consumers across 13 countries, the study found that consumers tend to listen to their hearts, but only to a certain point. Indeed, the fact that a product works and how it works are more important than emotions. Among the most important driver for brand love is a brand’s ability to meet and more importantly exceed needs (30%).
For brand advertisers that means they should take action in going beyond standard mobile ad units. Immersive Artificial Intelligence ads are just one format which allow consumers to actively trial a product.
However, consumers are also interested in affiliating themselves with brands that share their values (12%). A majority of respondents in the US (62%) expect brands to support equality and diversity. Another 25% want active political support from their favourite brand.
Meanwhile, a whopping 59% of Millennials believe that female leadership is an important aspect of brand support.
Being a trendsetter is especially important for entertainment and media brands (19%). This could be achieved by active incorporation of emerging formats such as VR, 360 degree video and live content.
However, brand advertisers are advised to keep it personal. Trust is another core issue determining brand love at 20%. US consumers who share at least one mobile touchpoint with a brand are also 67% more likely to trust that brand with their personal data.
Generation X and boomers are particularly interested in developing trust (23%).

“Building a successful brand is more complex than ever, but it’s clear that love is the most important ingredient to creating long term affinity and ultimately driving sales,” explains John DeVine, Chief Revenue Officer, Oath.
“At Oath, we’re passionate about building brands people love and insights from our new Brand Love Index will help our global partners adapt their strategies to create more meaningful connections and deliver on what consumers really want. We are excited to work with our advertising partners to determine their brand love score, a proprietary metric derived from the Brand Love Index, to help ensure their marketing campaigns and messages are impacting it, in addition to driving awareness and purchase intent.”

Oath says that based on this Index, some examples of brands successfully establishing brand love in the US include FedEx, Apple, Disney Resorts, Nike, Dove and Visa.