Vungle launches the Vungle Exchange for in-app video ads

Mobile advertising start-up Vungle has announced the Vungle Exchange. The new platform is the first exchange dedicated to mobile in-app video ads, providing publishers and advertisers with an easy way to buy and sell in-app rich media ad inventory.
Introducing the Vungle Exchange

Vungle says the exchange features the following:

  • High quality ads: High-resolution and high-bitrate 15 second video ads for a quality ad experience in apps.
  • Optimization for publishers and advertisers: Unique algorithms to optimize between app installs ads and brand ads, depending on the user, which maximizes the revenue potential for developers and the return on ad spend for advertisers.
  • Brand-safe inventory and ads: Uses granular controls based on device, category and age restrictions to ensure that advertisers and developers are catered to.
  • Low latency: Serves video ads quickly due to significant technological barriers being overcome.
  • Easy to participate: Supports the IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) in addition to server-side technology that adapts to creative types and new formats.

The CEO of Vungle, Zain Jaffer, had this to say about the new platform:

“Until now, apps were a no-man’s-land when it came to brand advertising. Our new exchange completely changes the in-app landscape by giving developers easy access to brand ads. Instead of annoying pop-up banner ads, it’s like TV on your phone.”

The Vungle Exchange is currently in a closed beta form so only select developers can try it out for the time being. Others can prepare for the new platform by installing the latest Vungle SDK which can be found here.
For more information check out the Vungle profile in our directory.