Vungle launches premium programmatic marketplace

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 17, 2015

Vungle, the mobile in-app video start-up, has added Vungle Premium, a private programmatic marketplace, to its services. The new feature enables advertisers to reach target audiences within apps. Mobile developers can benefit from generating a higher revenue for their apps whilst brands catch onto trending apps, scaling their campaigns as apps grow in popularity.
Vungle launches Vungle Premium
Zain Jaffer, CEO and Co-founder, Vungle, said:

“Advertisers miss great opportunities to run video campaigns during an app’s peak popularity, due to a challenging combination of short app life-cycles and long brand planning cycles.”

By featuring only apps peaking in popularity, Vungle hopes to close that market gap. It has launched two features as part of the Premium tool – Vungle Score and Vungle Billboard. Score ranks apps according to real-time performance, as well as reach, volume and conversions. Vungle Billboard then lists these scores for marketers to view, adding and removing apps as their popularity increases or decreases. Billboard also features data such as user age, daily impressions and CTR. Jaffer adds:

“Adding to those challenges, poor audience data makes it difficult to target the right audiences. Now, by combining first- and third-party data into a proprietary algorithm with analysis from in-house mobile advertising experts, Vungle Premium automatically identifies the top-performing apps among the 12,000 that Vungle powers daily.”

Digital agency Essence is one of the first clients to test Vungle Premium. Jolie Giuffre, Mobile Planning Director, Essence, confirmed:

“Our goal is to reach an engaged audience at scale and help drive adoption of our client’s products. We hand select top scoring apps from the Vungle Billboard and optimize according to performance and app reach. It’s important to move with our audience in real time and stay relevant as new apps enter the marketplace.”