Vpon boost partnerships to enhance its mobile advertising platform

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 23, 2017

Vpon Big Data Group, the Asian tech group, has recently expanded its mobile advertising platform by partnering with the New York Times (Chinese version), Camera360, Qunar, Youdao, Skyyer, OpenRice, Movie Express, and others.
Through these partnerships, Vpon has boosted the data collection and audience targeting of its cross-border marketing solutions. The company hopes that this should expand flexibility for advertisers to reach audiences globally.
Arthur Chan, APAC General Manager at Vpon Big Data Group, explains that the improvements across the company’s inventory allow advertisers to reach their intended audiences.

“These collaborations have built on top of Vpon’s strong foundation of Data Management Platform, which allows the platform to enrich audience profiles and behavioral data to the next level. The partnership can surely actualize the power of data and implement precise audience targeting through the Demand-side Platform (DSP) and Private Marketplace (PMP), helping Asia’s advertisers to drive transactions.”

Advertisers are now also able to monitor their ad campaign’s viewability and brand safety across Vpon’s mobile app and web inventory, through an inventory verification scheme with global measurement and analytics company, Integral Ad Science.
By focusing on providing media transparency, Vpon is committed to creating more transparent digital ad environments for sustainable development.
Chan adds:

“We at Vpon have witnessed many brands struggling to maintain brand images when throwing themselves into the digital marketing field. Brand names are valuable yet vulnerable. We acknowledge the importance of providing a platform with quality ad inventory to advertisers, and that’s why we work restlessly to suppress ad fraud and guarantee the viewability on our mobile advertising platform. And we are happy to see over 90% of our inventory are eligible to be measured by IAS, proving our efforts on creating a transparent environment. As a market leader, we always strive our best to maintain a healthy ecosystem and development.”