Virool launches vertical video marketplace for programmatic adverts

Virool, the programmatic video platform, has just rolled out a vertical video marketplace for programmatic adverts. This enables brands and agencies to place bids to purchase ad space from premium publishers. The move comes in partnership with BidSwitch which lets brands engage with 150 DSPs and traders such as Google and AOL.
Burberry, Lexus and Delta are among the brands that have already begun to use the new video marketplace.
Whilst the average cost per impression is $15, ads are assured a 100% viewability. In addition, they adhere to Media Rating Council guidelines and pause if fewer than 50% of pixels are in view.
Virool said that video engagement on mobile devices has been seven to eight seconds, whilst desktop formats can last up to a minute.
Mobile video has been attracting more and more advertisers as of late. Virool says it presents 60% of the company’s inventory now, which doubled over the last 12 months. And vertical is right at the forefront.
Eric Chen, Head of Publisher Development at Virool, says that pre-roll video has been in short supply, which meant that publishers have turned to outstream to increase revenue.

“The way to look at it is that with outstream, we can target contextually with behavior and different qualities that a viewer would match.”