Video chat app Houseparty has 20 million users

Andy Boxall

In App Business, App Data

September 12, 2017

Houseparty, a video chat app, has revealed it has 20 million users, who spend an average of 51 minutes using the app. The figures were given to BuzzFeed News, but don’t go into detail so it’s unclear whether these are daily or monthly figures.

The app has launched a new feature which brings a degree of organization to the service. Previously, video calls connected to friends in a spontaneous fashion, but the new feature lets users set up video chats ahead of time with up to 16 friends.

Called Groups, the feature is seen as a necessity in the face of a possible Facebook challenger codename Bonfire, which is likely to offer similar functionality to the social network’s members. It’s possible Bonfire will launch later this year, but Houseparty CEO Ben Rubin is putting up a fight.

He told BuzzFeed News:

“If you already have your group somewhere — if everybody’s already there — why would you move? We’ll persevere.”