Validian rolls out secure app advertising channel to prevent cyber attacks

Cyber security firm, Validian, just announced the completion of its secure app advertising channel to deliver graphic-rich ad content through mobile, cloud, web, local and networks apps to the end user. Validian says that the channel prevents cyber attacks or exploitative advertising tactics from accessing information.
Validian’s secure app advertising channel aims to help advertisers solve cloud security threats
The development comes on the back of mobile annual ad revenue projections of $100bn in 2016, which are set to almost double by 2019. With over 90% of mobile usage happening in-app, it’s important that app environments are safe. 75% of mobile ads are deployed in-app. In addition, the cloud holds 81% of mobile data traffic because many apps are hosted here.
However, a recent study by Atlantic Council and the Zurich Insurance group highlights that cyber attacks could cost the industry $90tr by 2030 if security measures fail. In response, cyber security spend is to increase to become a $170bn market by 2020, with at least 50% of spending focussed on the Cloud.

Bruce Benn, Chief Executive Officer, Validian, explains:
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“We have spent the past two years completing the migration our core technology to mobile and Cloud applications and platforms due to the massive market and revenue opportunities in these sectors, driven significantly by mobile and Cloud advertising. Our new Secure Application Advertising Channel is critical and timely for solving significant cyber security and performance issues that affect advertising, the vast majority of which very recently has shifted to inside mobile and Cloud applications instead of primarily on the browser. At the request of some of our Channel Partners and customers, this feature recently has been embedded into their Validian-enabled applications, and are now in the process of being released. We look forward to seeing its reception among these initial deployments, and to expanding this cyber security protection to our other Channel Partners and customers that are vulnerable to this type of attack.”