Unity officially launches affordable influencer advertising platform

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 17, 2017

Unity, which merges advertising and automated influencer matching, has officially launched out of beta bringing its influencer marketing platform to small and medium businesses.
The company was originally founded by Patrick Ip, a Google Innovation Lead and Novel Peace Prize nominee as well as Jacobo Lumbreras, an engineer at Yoi Corp.
In addition to launching, Unity also announced that it raised $1 million from investors including Jonathan Berent, Director of Global Customer Experience at Google. The company will be using the funds to continue to develop its technology with an emphasis on features that will smooth out the influencer marketing process.
Influencer marketing tends to be costly, starting at around $10,000. It also requires a solid understanding of campaign management and optimisation, making it much harder for small and medium businesses to jump on board.
That’s where Unity comes in. Campaign budgets on the platform start from $200 and are fully managed. Influencers are auto-matched to brands and managed throughout the campaign duration. All the advertiser has to do is fill out a short questionnaire. Unity then takes care of the rest, including matching the influencer and negotiating on behalf of the marketer. In addition, Unity guarantees traffic for consumers, which is not offered by any of its competitors.
The system then measures the campaign and learns which creatives performed the best.
Ip explains:

“We’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible for the influencer market as SMBs represent a massive portion of US businesses. By giving these companies access to influencer marketing, we unlock millions of dollars of untapped ad spend.”

Unity already has 70,000 influencers and has already been tested by brands such as Rip Van, a snack food company from San Francisco.

“We were impressed by how seamless and quickly the influencer matching process was conducted,” said Rip, Founder at Rip Van. “But even more important to us was how authentic the campaigns felt. The system matched us with influencers who crafted posts that felt true to our brand as well as their followers.”