UK ad viewability jumps for second quarter in a row, but still falls behind other European countries

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 24, 2017

Ad viewability has increased for the second time in a row over the last two quarters in the UK, according to new research from ad verification specialist Meetrics.
Much of this growth is driven by agencies and advertisers demanding that their ads remain in view for longer.
As part of its quarterly update, Meetrics revealed that the number of banner ads providing minimum viewability rose to 52% during the third quarter, up from 47% in the first quarter.
Therefore, ad viewability is currently at its highest rate since Q1 2016 when it was 54%.

“Yes, the latest rise is small but its directionally very significant,” said Anant Joshi, Country Manager for the UK and Ireland at Meetrics. “For the first time, there’s a consistent positive trend which is a sign that efforts to increase viewability are bearing fruit. A driving factor is that some agency groups are starting to demand a higher percentage of an ad’s surface area to be in view which is making the sell side improve the quality of their ad placements.”

However, though viewability seems to be picking up in the UK, it still falls short of other countries in Europe with Italy leading at a viewability ranking score of 68%. Austria (67%), Switzerland and Poland follow in second and third place at 55%.
According to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau figures, ads worth £165 million per quarter may not meet minimum viewability guidelines in the UK.