Uber releases new API for full integration of the ‘Uber experience’

Christopher Reynolds

In news

March 18, 2015


Uber has announced the release of a new API that allows developers to fully integrate the transport service into their apps.

Uber’s ‘Request endpoint’ feature lets developers “incorporate the entire Uber experience,” according to the company‚Äôs blog, but comes with an initial set of restrictions to ensure third party devs don’t “disrupt” Uber drivers. Uber lists a few possibilities that the new API opens up, such as allowing calendar apps to automatically schedule a driver to arrive when meetings finish, or allowing you to request a driver directly via a messaging app.

Uber’s developer evangelist, Scott Woolsey Biggart, wrote:


We believe developers are going to create some really powerful integrations with the Request endpoint and we plan to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our API. The team has quite a few endpoints, services, and SDKs in the works that we cannot wait to roll out in the near future, so follow us @Uber_API for updates.

To celebrate the launch of the new API, Uber is also holding a developer hackathon. Developers have until May 17 to submit an application that makes use of the new API with the chance of winning a cash prizes, along with a trip to Uber HQ in San Francisco to brainstorm ideas with the company CEO. Check out the ChallengePost page to sign-up.