Twitter’s out! Instagram is in among mobile social advertisers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 1, 2016

It’s no secret that Twitter has been struggling to entice advertisers to use its service. Indeed, mobile advertising revenue has been in decline across the social site since 2014.
Twitter ad revenue decreases quarter on quarter
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Some have argued that that may be because its ads are too expensive, but whatever the reason it appears that its loss of popularity among marketers may be benefitting Instagram.
According to a report from research firm eMarketer, more brands are planning to use Instagram to advertise in 2017.
Almost three quarters of US companies which have 100+ employees are going to tap the imaging app for marketing next year. That’s up from just half in 2016.
In the meantime, popularity of Twitter among advertisers is likely to stagnate at around 66%. Having revealed its brand advertiser data, Twitter saw less than a 2% in brands since 2014.
Instagram is a rising star among social marketers
This is in line with findings from other research firms predicting a shift of ad spending from Twitter to other apps and websites.
The move to Instagram may not be all that surprising. After all, the company enjoys major backing as a Facebook daughter and gets to reap all the advertising measurement and campaign tool benefits through the ad giant. Indeed, its own advertising subscribers reached more than half a million this year.
Meanwhile, Twitter has been axing staff and failed to secure interest from potential buyers.
However, eMarketers adds that Facebook advertising is likely to stagnate as well next year.
In addition, the firm predicts that YouTube growth is likely to increase around a mere 3% from 45.6% to 48.2%.