Twitter’s Account Activity API to come into effect on August 19

Twitter has announced the new deadline date for its API changes and the introduction of its new Account Activity API, after delaying the initial June 16 date last month. Twitter’s API alterations will now arrive on August 16. At that time, developers will need to adopt the new APIs to ensure key Twitter features continue working in their apps.

The Account Activity API comes in two forms: Premium and Enterprise, which have different pricing structures, and come with different levels of service.

In an announcement tweet, Twitter wrote:

“Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of Account Activity API. Now developers can get started for free, upgrade to premium as they scale, and move to enterprise when they need even more subscriptions or enterprise functionality.”

Twitter’s Premium subscriptions cost up to $2,900 for up to 250 subscriptions per period, per month. Twitter has not released prices for the Enterprise packages, telling developers to get in contact to discuss plans.

There are many other changes happening behind the scenes at Twitter. Site Streams, User Streams, and REST Direct Message endpoints will all be retired on August 16, as will the beta with Direct Message integration only. The new Account Activity API will cover 15 subscriptions for free, rather than the 35 in the beta.

Twitter has published a migration guide to make the transition easier for developers.