Twitter tests ad inventory integration with third-party platforms

Twitter may be looking to do things slightly differently to its rivals. The social media company is currently testing its ad inventory with third-party platforms and trade desks, according to a number of brands that were briefed on the matter.
The move would mean that Twitter ad inventories are delivered fully programmatically. That’s in contrast to rivals such as Facebook and Snapchat which offer their own closed-system ad platforms.
Marketers are also likely to view the more open approach as an improvement on transparency. They will be able to move their ad spend between platforms which gives them added control.
According to people familiar with the matter, the company is now testing the new approach with select brands and advertisers. The company has yet to comment on the move.
“From an advertiser perspective, why it’s exciting is that it’s the first social platform that would allow us to buy an audience programmatically,” an agency executive who works with Twitter told AdAge. “We can control the investment of ad dollars, making it more fluid for our brands to buy across digital properties.”
By allowing advertisers to more easily move between platforms, advertisers are able to truly test, which campaigns perform the best for them.
In addition, Twitter will be able to boost momentum following stagnating ad sales in 2017.