Twitter provides new app promotion feature allowing app installs directly from profile pages

Twitter is in the midst of testing a new advertising feature that allows brands to pin their apps to their Twitter profiles. Some select prominent profiles such as cab company Uber have already incorporated the feature. Apps can be installed directly via Twitter, driving up the rate of installs for a brand.
Twitter pinned apps feature
The move comes as part of the company’s efforts to offer app install advertisements on timelines. It launched carousel ads earlier this year that allow users to swipe through various app ads and instantly install them from their mobile devices. The company continues to create new algorithms to deliver tailored content to every user, placing only relevant ads and increasing traffic that is targeted to increase its efficiency.
Twitter Carousel Ads
Twitter recently reported that it plans to increase the number of advertisements customers see in their feed by 5%. The company also announced a deal with Google that would put tweet into the search engine’s results. In March this year, Twitter launched a video function that competes directly with Facebook and aims to increase the amount of time customers spend on Twitter.
Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter, knows:

“Content creators want to go into an ecosystem, deliver a great experience to users and tell stories, and then make money from it.”

Twitter mobile ad revenue was up 97% from 2014, with ad sales for Q4 at $432 million. A study by eMarketer found that Twitter and Facebook benefit from the growth in app-install ads, set to generate $3 billion in the US in 2015. It will account for 10% of all mobile ads.