Twitter open sources Twitter Kit and Digits for Android

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Twitter has open sourced its Twitter Kit for Android and the Digits tool, making it simpler for developers to integrate the social network’s services into apps. Twitter Kit for Android, the company’s mobile SDK, launched at the end of last year, and can be used to integrate a live Twitter feed into an app, or offer a tweet composer without the user needing to visit the Twitter app itself.

It’s also helpful for using Twitter as a convenient sign-in system, instead of forcing users to make a new account. Digits is a similar package, but rather than use a Twitter login, users can register for an account using their phone number.

Tweet Composer is one feature of Twitter Kit for Android, where users can tweet directly from your app

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By making the tools open source, developers have the chance to get deeper into the code, ensuring they can fix any bugs or problems without having to report them and wait for Twitter to sort them out.

Twitter has put Twitter Kit for Android on its GitHub page, and it includes the following tools: Twitter, Twitter-core, Tweet-UI, and Tweet Composer. Digits can also be found on GitHub.