Twitter launches Premium APIs for improved campaign scale

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 16, 2017

Twitter has finally rolled out its Premium APIs which let developers tap subscription access to Twitter data at a lower cost.
The original plans to launch an API platform were announced back in spring 2017.
The final product bridges the gap between Twitter’s free and publicly available APIs as well as more costly enterprise APIs that can deliver real-time and historical data.
According to Twitter, developers have been asking for such a solution for quite some time now.
As part of the product launch, a first premium Search Tweets API is being offered in beta. This provides access to Twitter data covering the past 30 days.
However, the social network plans to expand additional endpoints shortly.
Among the top improvements of premium Search endpoints are more tweets per request, higher rate limits, count endpoints to return time-series counts of tweets, complex queries and metadata enrichments.
Pricing for the elevated tiers of Search Tweets APIs start from $149 a month and contracts are usually on a month-to-month basis.
Madeline Parra, CEO and Co-Founder of Twizoo, which is now a part of Skyscanner, expressed what many developers may have felt:

“I wish these premium APIs were available during our first few years. As we grew, we quickly ran into data limitations that prevented expansion. Ultimately, we raised a round of funding in order to accelerate our growth with the enterprise APIs. With the premium APIs, we could have bootstrapped our business longer and scaled more efficiently.”

In addition, Twitter will be rolling out a self-serve developer portal for more transparent data usage. This also enables clients to upgrade to higher levels of access and premium functions.
Over the coming months, Twitter will be rolling out new premium endpoints and replace legacy ones such as search/tweets.