Tremor Video adds Moat expansion for better analysis of viewability on mobile

tremor video moat
Tremor Video, the software provider for video ads, just expanded its partnership with SaaS marketing analytics firm, Moat. The expansion enables clients to improve their campaigns by adding Moat’s Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited metrics across mobile devices and apps.
Moat provides video analytics
The addition includes viewability analysis as defined by the MRC’s viewable impression in mobile guidance. Tremor Video evaluates a single impression in real time to enable its clients to make smarter decisions and drive better performance.
Katie Evans, SVP Operations and Sales Strategy, Tremor Video, says:
katie evans

“As mobile consumption continues to grow, it is imperative that we are able to measure brand effectiveness across all screens. Our expanded real-time integration of Moat’s technology gives marketers a more complete picture of how their campaigns are performing across desktop and mobile. When paired with our All-screen product, we offer a unique solution that allows marketers to optimize to Moat viewability and attention metrics in real-time through a single placement.”

Moat says it was the first company to be MRC accredited for viewability on the mobile web and in-app in October 2015. It provides viewability and attention metrics across display, video and mobile. Tremor Video worldwide have the option to optimise for Moat metrics.
Jonah Goodhart, CEO & Co-Founder, Moat, adds:
jonah goodhart

“We are very excited about the Tremor Video and Moat partnership and being able to provide our MRC accredited in-app viewability and audience attention measurement and insights for clients. We believe viewability is the new starting point for brands in digital that ultimately helps provide the confidence they need to invest more dollars online.”