Transport for London adds new developer-only data sources to travel API

Andy Boxall

In App Development

February 2, 2016

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Transport for London has added several new data feeds to its Unified API, giving developers access to more information regarding car parks in the city, plus incorporated its traffic jam cameras into the Places API.

In an effort to make traveling around London easier, the Unified API now includes data picked up from 25 of the 60 London Underground car parks, providing live information on the number of available spaces. It’s hoped all 60 will be covered in the future.

The JamCam is one of the new data sources added to TfL’s APIs

Jamcam TFL

For the Places API, TfL has added an improved version of the “JamCam,” where live video feeds give users a real-time view of the actual flow of traffic at a particular location. Each video clip is only 5-seconds long, and includes location details, and a time and date stamp. Updates are every five minutes.

It’s stated the information added to the APIs isn’t available through TfL’s own website yet, and the company hopes the feeds will prompt developers to quickly integrate it into their own travel apps. You can learn more about the new API features here.