Trail of Bits releases Tidas, app security that uses Apple’s Touch ID and Secure Enclave technology

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

February 11, 2016

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Information security company Trail of Bits has released Tidas, a new way for app developers to secure mobile apps, without the need to require users to enter or remember long passwords. Built for iOS, the SDK exploits Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology, and the Secure Enclave encryption chip to secure apps.

The system is the first of its kind, and only SDK to use Apple’s native security system in this way. The tokens produced by Tidas are similar to those used for Apple Pay, and therefore based on a cryptographic key that remains inside the Secure Enclave. This way, app developers including Trail of Bits have no way to access the security information.

Trail of Bits has released Tidas, an iOS app security system that uses Apple’s Touch ID and Secure Enclave

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Dan Guido, co-founder at Trail of Bits, said:


“Even if a phone is jailbroken or infected with malware, no one can steal the keys from the Secure Enclave. This is the strongest way to secure a transaction, whether it’s a password authentication or a purchase, and it’s time for app developers and users to benefit from that protection.”

Tidas is available on a free trial basis between now and the end of March 2016, and it comes in both cloud-based, and private enterprise versions for businesses or consumer app developers to use. Visit the dedicated website for Tidas here to get more information.