Top Android keyboard app developer Kika Tech closes $30m Series B funding round

Andy Boxall

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March 1, 2016

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Kika Tech, the company behind the Kika Keyboard app for Android, has completed its Series B funding round. Led by Honge Capital and several investors, the round raised $30.6m. Kika Keyboard is the number one most downloaded Android keyboard app in the U.S., with more than 130 million downloads and 20 million active daily users.

Kika Tech has raised $30m in new funding for its Kika Keyboard app

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The intention is to use the new funds to expand globally, raising awareness to increase market share, particularly in Kika Technologies key markets — the U.S., Europe, Brazil, and Mexico. The keyboard app has features including swipe gesture control, GIF and emoji sharing, natural language prediction, and support for plugins.

Investor Zhu Ye, CEO of Zeus Interactive, said it was the “detail and passion the engineers and the entire Kika team have for users and making the perfect experience for users,” that made the company standout. The app launched back in 2016, and is available through the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. There is also an iOS version in development.