Top 8 Mobile Advertising Videos On Youtube

George Osborn

In resources

April 28, 2016


Mobile Advertising remains one of the fastest growing sectors round the world, generating billions of dollars of revenues for the biggest players and helping to grow the mobile economy.

So what’s the quickest way for you to get your head around this constantly evolving and consistently interesting space? Here are 8 videos to help you get to grips with mobile advertising.

How to leverage native ad formats to drive user engagement

Native advertising is a great way to reach users in a natural, non intrusive way. But how can you make the most of them? Cristina Constandache, VP Business Partnerships, Cheetah Ad Platform and Eric Jangor, Head Of Corporate Affairs and Business Development, Lovoo discuss in detail in this informative video. 

Understanding TV attribution and avoiding pitfalls

 TV advertising for mobile apps is on the rise, but how can you work out if it returns its investment? Christoph Gerber, Founder at Lieferando, and Simon Kendall, Head Of Communications at Adjust, discuss in detail how to do just that.

Engaging users with personalised adverts

Personalisation is one of the hottest trends in mobile advertising, encouraging advertisers to tailor creative as much as possible to make a personal connection with users. Steven Chard, Commercial Director EMEA at Criteo, explains how to make the most of this trend.

Buying app downloads and installs at scale

One of the big challenges, and fears, for mobile advertisers is the thought of wasting a big udget on the wrong channel or users. Oliver Kern, VP Mobile at IQU, and Martin Macmillan, CEO and Co-Founder of Pollen VC, discuss this problem in detail, and offer advice on how to buy at scale while avoiding potential pitfalls.

App re-engagement for dummies

Re-engagement advertising is a smart way to save money on user acquisition, by encouraging an existing lapsed user back into an app rather than buying someone totally new. But how does it work? Diego Meller, CEO of Jampp, has the answers here.

The role of video in app user acquisition

 Video advertising is one of the hottest formats on mobile right now, so how can you harness it for your next mobile advertising campaign? Christian Dankl, Director of Sales EMEA at AdKnowledge, explains how you can make the most of video in this handy talk.

Mobile programmatic advertising 

Programmatic is one of the best ways to acquire great quality users at scale and on budget. Eric Garcia, Client Account Director EMEA at Fiksu, explains in more detail how mobile programmatic advertising works and what you need to do to make the most of it.

Using data to inform real time app marketing 

Mobile advertising is a fast moving sector, so you need to be ready to react to what is happening in real time to deliver the best returns. This talk from Ross Sheil, Head of EMEA Mobile at Twitter, outlines how to do just that, as well as explaining a bit more about Twitter’s platform.