Top 7 Mobile Game Marketing Videos On Youtube

George Osborn

In resources

May 3, 2016


Rival Kingdoms from Space Ape

Marketing your mobile game is an exciting challenge. Although you’re up against it in terms of cost per install, ever-increasing budgets and the number of rivals out there, there are plenty of things you can do to balance the odds in your favour.

To help you stay ahead of the contest, we’ve scoured Youtube and picked out seven great talks about mobile game marketing. Featuring top speakers from across the gaming world, these may help take your mobile marketing efforts to the next level.

Increase your IAP revenue via dynamic pricing

Some players spend more than others, so wouldn’t it be great if you could shift your in app purchase prices to reflect differing tastes? This talk from Ted Varani of Scientific Revenue outlines precisely that, showing how you can tweak your in app purchase prices in your game to maximise user spend.

Review mining: the App Store optimisers secret weapon 

App Store reviews provide enormous amounts of user information, but they’re rarely tapped into. Tom LeClerc of Wooga examined how you can turn review mining to your advantage, ploughing through the mountains of reviews to help you identify how to improve your game and keep your app store review score up.

Next Games’ top tips for monetising incentivised video adverts

Mitchell Smallman of Next Games highlights best practices on how to make the most from incentivised video adverts. Both warning against spamming and recommending some top tips, this is a useful talk for anyone running ad funded monetisation within in their games.

Can the relationship between paid and organic installs reduce acquisition costs?

How can a mobile marketer drive up the number of organic installs they are receiving by using paid acquisition channels? It may seem like a contradiction of terms, but, according to Illja Goosens of Tune, a smart acquisition approach can help you acquire valuable users for free further down the road.

The importance of the Latin American market

The title of this talk from Maximo Cavazzani, CEO of Etermax, is misleading in terms of its usefulness to marketers. Yes, it offers advice on how to localise for the Latin American Market. But it also details how the company has used user-generated content in Trivia Crack to top the charts in countries ranging from Denmark to Turkey, without spending any user acquisition cash. This is arguably more interesting to marketers and well worth studying.

Space Ape and the power of customer relationship management for free to play success

Simon Hade of Space Ape spoke at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki in 2015 about the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to free to play success. Shifting mobile marketing success away from acquisition to retention, this is an important video to watch if you’re looking to find ways to keep your player base satisfied for longer.

Your guide to accessible design

Finally, this talk from Tara Voelker, from game developer Ready at Dawn at the time of recording, at GDC America gives an alternative perspective on how to ensure your game is relevant for your whole audience. Focusing on the topic of accessibility, this talk offers advice on how to ensure that users with visual impairment, colour blindness and other accessibility problems can also enjoy your game – whether it is mobile or otherwise.