Top 5 Mobile App Engagement Videos On Youtube

George Osborn

In resources

April 26, 2016

Boosting app engagement is an important part of a successful mobile business. If your app can hold onto people’s interest, you’ll have the best chance to successfully monetise your user base in the long haul.

How though can you increase engagement within your mobile app? We’ve picked out five videos all about boosting app engagement, to help you keep your users happy and to unlock the full potential of your mobile app business.

App engagement: how to keep users coming back for more

An oldie but a goodie, this talk from Patrick Mareuil, previously Chief Innovation Officer at Ad4Screen, is a sensible place to start your mobile app engagement efforts. Featuring a solid run down of the benefits of push, email, SMS, newsletters and other communication methods, this provides a good framework for understanding the basics of app engagement.

Simultaneously grow and engage your user base

User acquisition is an important first step to acquiring a loyal user base, full of people that will regularly engage with your app. But it can also be used tactically to re-engage users as Florian Lutz, Managing Director DACH at Jampp, explains in this handy video.

Managing a game community on mobile

Community management is a great way to build long term engagement with your app or game. This panel from PAX South dives into what it means to be a community manager for a mobile game and gives some valuable tips on how to use the role to increase engagement.

Android developer story: APAC travel app increases retention by 300% with material design

To keep users engaged, you need to make sure your app is designed well enough to support long term retention. This case study from Wego, featuring the company’s CEO Ross Veitch, explains how material design helped them boost retention by 300% within their app – a useful primer for the value of smart design decisions within mobile app marketing.

How we doubled Day 1 retention

Finally, to round this list off, Emma Povkahn, Head of Launch Marketing at Aeria Games, provides some top tips on how to boost retention. Although her focus is games, the advice she provides is still relevant for individuals working in other mobile app companies.