Time To Fight Back: Tapcore SDK Monetizes Pirate Installs For Android App And Game Developers

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Partner Post - Tapcore Tapcore’s unique patent-pending algorithm will find your app's pirated

Posted: April 14, 2016

Tapcore, the Android app piracy specialist, has just launched a solution that allows app publishers to detect pirate installs of their apps and earn on them.
Android piracy has been a serious issue for years. According to Android Authority, just 10% of apps downloaded in 2012 had been purchased, leaving 90% of apps that may have been pirated. A separate report by SlashGear found that Android games were prone to a 95% piracy rate, compared to 5% for iOS games. “Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for,” says Ustwogames, the developer of “Monument Valley”.
The Android Piracy Issue
Tapcore’s solution is here to change the rules of the game by showing developers how much of their potential profit they are losing. Its advanced SDK scans an app for 20 factors, including where it was downloaded from and if a user has a 3rd-party store on his device. If an app was pirated, the solution allows publishers to feature relevant ads to the user. App developers can earn up to $0.50 per pirate install, turning pirates into allies and making up for lost app store revenue. The more often an app gets nulled and downloaded, the more ad impressions will be served, increasing ROI. Tapcore cares about legitimate Google Play users who won’t notice any changes.
Android piracy is having detrimental effects on the overall app ecosystem. App developers aren’t just missing out on revenue, but also Play Store rankings. If an app has been pirated 1,000 times, this won’t register towards overall rankings, further reducing the app’s visibility across the Android store.
The Tapcore Solution
Tapcore puts an end to potential profit losses due to Android app piracy.
Across its many iterations on various platforms, Ball Travel 3D has amassed a following of hundreds of gamers. But where there are gamers, there are pirates, punishing game developers for their success. Because of their reputation for success, Badri Bebua became a target of pirates.
When they realized the extent of the damage being caused by illegal copies of their games, the Badri Bebua team sprang into action, only to exhaust their resources before coming up with an acceptable solution. While searching for solutions, the team found a review from an indie developer who had integrated the Tapcore SDK into his game. Thinking it must be too good to be true, the Badri Bebua team started looking into Tapcore. When they were satisfied that Tapcore was the real deal, they installed the SDK in one of their games and saw results in just two weeks. After seeing the proof, Badri Bebua integrated Tapcore into 2 more games. In a few months, thousands of illegal installs were recorded, and Badri Bebua made more than $5,000 in profit on them.
Badri Bebua is just one of Tapcore’s many success stories.

“There is much tension around the issue of hacking and illegal copying of Android applications among developers. At the moment, we are unable to eliminate piracy, as this shady industry is deeply rooted in the mobile sphere. But we have managed to offer an alternative solution that’s able to compensate for a significant share of losses from piracy.”- Klaas Van Blanken, Managing Director, Tapcore.

About Tapcore
Tapcore provides a unique SDK that allows app developers to earn back ‘lost’ revenue from pirated app installs. The unique Tapcore algorithm detects a pirate installation on third-party stores and carries out advertising display in the application in case of illegal copying. Contact Tapcore: hello@tapcore.com or find out more here.